Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today is a good reminder that BC has a permanent tribute to alumni who have died defending this country. You can read more about the Boston College Veterans Memorial here. Thank you to all of those men and women who have worn the uniform and defended our freedoms.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Florian to be a TV star and other links

BC guy Kenny Florian will be putting his Communications major to use as ESPN has hired him to be their lead MMA analyst for their new MMA show. Good luck to Kenny and hopefully he turns this into a solid post retirement career.

Luke Kuechly is considered one of the best LBs in our region.

BC is going hard after Connecticut prospect Tommy Jordan but he sounds sold on Florida.

You can catch Jared Dudley on ESPN's First Take Monday morning.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will Noreen ever make up his mind and other links

Buried in this Notes column from the Twin Cities is an update on Kevin Noreen:
Mr. Basketball Minnesota Kevin Noreen of Minnesota Transitions has one recruiting visit left and is contemplating Washington or Oregon. Arkansas, Northwestern, Providence and Boston College remain in the hunt for the 6-foot-10 1/2, 232-pounder. The Gophers have shown cursory interest.

If he were still considering BC, wouldn't he have ended his world tour by now? Also, his collection of potential programs is varied with no real theme or tie. It is too bad he doesn't realize that Donahue's system is perfect for him.

BC seemingly has a high percentage of talent returning...most of the offensive skill players, LBs, etc. Yet using Phil Steele's calculations we are behind most DIA programs.

Congrats to Senior Rower Laura Petty who was named to the All-New England Region first team.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Baseball team bounced from ACC tourney and other links

After two tight games, the baseball team was on the wrong end of a lopsided game at the ACC tourney. The 12-2 loss ended their run in Greensboro and leaves the team on the bubble. The NCAA field will be announced Monday.

Kiwi's brother was in a bad motorcycle accident and remains in critical condition. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

BC just offered OT Paul Gaughan and has interest in Jack Tabb.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BC stays alive and other links

A comfortable BC lead fell apart this afternoon, but the guys rallied in what turned out to be an exciting extra innings affair. With the win and FSU's win later in the day, hope is still alive. The baseball team takes on the 'Noles next.

Eagle Action is holding a multipart interview with Steve Donahue. In part 1 he talks about the transition and his early recruiting efforts.

We haven't discussed Phil Steele much but BC players are scattered throughout his all ACC teams. Castonzo, Claiborne and Harris all made first team offense. Kuechly is the only one who made first team defense (Herzy is second team). Quigley also received first team honors.

Will Sean Duggan be BC's next Cincy recruit? His offer list is picking up.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tough loss in ACC Tourney and other links

BC squandered a good effort from Pat Dean in the opener of the ACC Tournament and lost to UVA 6-4. Their next game against Miami is a must win. Here are some post game clips of Aoki and the boys talking about the loss.

Here is some much deserved attention for walkon Brendan Murphy.

Stewart Mandel acknowledges that the media often overrates Florida State while overlooking BC.

Ron Brace is hoping to put his terrible Rookie year behind him. He attributes most of his struggles to the mental complexity of the pro game.

BC guy Alejandro Bedoya was one of the last cuts for the US World Cup team.

I found this article interesting, especially given our past dependence on midwest talent.

Many are betting on Miami and FSU leading the ACC back to prominence. I think both programs are still a few years away from reaching their old form.

Gene promoted some long time Athletic Department staffers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ACC Tournament Previews

As mentioned, BC is a bubble team for baseball equivalent of the big dance. They need a strong showing at the ACC Tournament to secure their spot. Play begins Wednesday. For those just tuning into BC baseball, here are some notes and links to get you up to speed.

--'s preview and recap of the season
-- The games will be on NESN
-- A capsule of the relevant ACC news and notes
-- This Yahoo link covers all the postseason tournaments

Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome new alumni and other links

Today a class of BC students graduated and officially became alumni. Although I am a little biased, you'll find that sports is one of the strongest pulls back to BC. I am sure that you have many great friends and met many great people (who knows, maybe like me you met your spouse at BC). As you travel and wear a BC hat or shirt, you'll run into random BC people around the country and world. And of course BC won't hurt your professional career. But as you get older and move on, add more commitments and complications to your life, there will always be BC sports. You'll turn on your TV and there will always be a fresh batch of athletes and super fans cheering them on to remind you of your time at the Heights. Don't hang on to tight though. There is a big world out there and you don't want to be talking about the glory days either. I guess my advice is to tune in when you can, always hope for an Eagles win and keep a small piece of BC in your heart.

If rumors are to be believed, Steve Donahue persuaded former Colgate commitment Danny Rubin to come to BC. So we will have at least one 2010 recruit.

Heading into the ACC Tourney, BC is squarely on the bubble and considered one of the last five in.

CFN came out with their ACC skill position rankings. They didn't think much of Shinskie but like Harris and Pantale.

Blackmon is ready for his position switch.

After a long hiatus, KSK broke out a new Matt Ryan explained.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baseball gets into ACC Tourney and other links

After their weekend series with Georgia Tech, the baseball team did hold on to the 8th and final qualifing spot in the ACC Tournament. They take on Virginia Wednesday. They are in a round robin with Miami and FSU too. Unlike last year, this team is probably not postseason bound and will probably need to win the ACC to advance to the NCAAs.

The audio is not great and it is a bit anticlimatic, but here is the video feed of Suntrup's announcement.

BC held a Q&A with Steve Donahue and he claims that my pet peeve (2010 recruiting) remains a priority.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

While cleaning up my one-year-old after lunch, she casually pointed to this logo on my shirt and said,


Friday, May 21, 2010

Suntrup is an Eagle

On Friday, highly touted Missouri QB recruit Christian Suntrup committed to BC. While it is way too early to speculate on Suntrup's future at BC, his commitment is a good sign that the staff's recruiting strategy and message is taking hold. Despite no previously established relationship with his high school, despite a now loaded QB depth chart, and despite plenty of offers from other programs, Suntrup decided to commit to BC now. Hats off to Dave Brock for closing out another prospect.

Suntrup seems like the type of QB we would and should recruit. Preppy, pro style, mid westerner who went to a Catholic High School. His transition to a place like BC should be pretty seamless. Suntrup is the type of guy who wants to be the next Matt Ryan. We might as well leverage that on the recruiting trail. Speaking of Ryan...the only downside I see of landing your top choice is that sentimental favorite and legacy John Loughery will probably go elsewhere.

Let's hope Suntrup gets plenty of press this summer and helps build momentum for this class.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

HD stepping up BC coverage and other links

HD posted a feature on Kuechly and has had a few different notes on BC lately including Phil Steele links (1 and 2). Congrats to Heather for keeping things up with a new baby, I know from experience babies interrupt blogging. Now someone needs to remind me again why the Globe and Herald can't produce the same volume of content as HD? One other note: I plan on getting my copy of Phil Steele this weekend and will post my thoughts after reading it.

I was whining about Donahue's 2010 recruiting yesterday, so I should note that he added another body to the 2011 class. Let's hope something breaks soon for this summer.

Green Bay is using the spring to shuffle around all their BC players. Raji is moving to NT and Blackmon is moving to safety.

On the football recruiting front, BC is targeting Florida DE Clay Burton.

Even with a new TV partner, the ACC is likely to continue its Sunday Night Hoops package.

This column from ACC writer Ken Tysiac has been making the rounds. Tysiac is anti-expansion as we all should be. The current ACC configuration is ideal. We should only consider expansion if our hands are forced. Until then lock in the current partners.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When do we start worrying about basketball recruiting?

May 19 marked another Letter of Intent day for college basketball. BC signed no one. With one month at BC under his belt, Steve Donahue is still without a committed recruit for 2010. That wouldn't be a big deal for a new coach if the problem wasn't already compounded by the recent transfers out of the program and by Skinner's empty 2009 recruiting class. At this point Donahue needs some warm bodies for practice. Because we still have good returning talent, Donahue doesn't need a high ceiling, impact player in this class...just a potential contributor. If he gets a player or two now and finds a transfer to join the program, he can avoid any pitfalls after the Jackson and Ellmore class graduate.

I still really like Donahue and his potential, so I am not worried yet. However, if by September we don't have any recruits or transfers I think Donahue will have built himself a big hole. If he wants to build something at BC and prove he can transition from the Ivy League, he cannot let the program bottom out in his second or third season. It will be used against him on the recruiting trail and will kill momentum and interest among BC fans. He needs to leverage Jackson and show improvement each year to gain wider credibility. That will be tough if he is playing a team of freshmen and sophomores in 2013.

So I will do my best to remain patient and stay on the Donahue bandwagon...let's hope there are some diamonds in the rough who feel the same way this summer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did the ACC help Notre Dame stay independent?

While ACC noticed, the college football world hasn't really made much of FOX's attempt to land the ACC. It should be a big deal that there is a new player willing to spend money. I am sure the Pac 10 and Big XII are now planning on FOX to open up the checkbook for them. However, I think a different program will benefit...Notre Dame.

One of FOX's objectives was a national Saturday game. Much of their fall Saturday's have afternoon baseball, so a national game would probably have to have a noon ET start time. The ACC could have accommodated that. The Pac 10 could not. The Big XII might but that means a lot of 11:00 am local starts. Notre Dame -- even with South Bend's funky timezone thing -- probably would be willing to play games at noon. It wouldn't be the same exposure they get from NBC, but money talks. If FOX pays the Irish in the neighborhood of the ACC's $17 million I am sure ND will play the early game Saturday.

If the ACC had taken the FOX offer, I doubt ESPN would have broken the bank for the Irish. They have enough content and get enough Notre Dame via their road games against other schools.

With FOX as a free partner with deep pockets, Notre Dame can either move or leverage the interest to get more money out of NBC. A decent contract will placate those around Notre Dame who want the Big Ten's money.

What does this all mean for BC? If Notre Dame joins another conference, we will probably never get back on their schedule. As long as they remain independent, they will have to talk to us...especially if there is pressure from their TV partners to find attractive, and proven ratings grabbing opponents.

Monday, May 17, 2010

More on the ACC TV deal

So the smoke has cleared a bit and now we can analyze the ACC's new TV deal with ESPN.

1. It was better than anyone thought.
ESPN passed on their exclusive window earlier this spring and lowballed the ACC until the end. Thankfully FOX came in with a full court press and forced ESPN's hand. ESPN also needed the ACC now more than they did last spring. With Turner entering the college hoops world, ESPN needed to secure the flagship college hoops conference for content. ESPN also rebranded ESPN 360 into ESPN3. As part of that they need a major conference willing to put their games online. The SEC was not willing. The ACC was.

2. Some of you will still have a hard time seeing all of BC's games.
Because we are now in bed with them, this means more games on ESPN U, more games on and continued regional partnering with Raycom. Sorry folks. If your cable company doesn't step up, consider a dish or fios.

3. ESPN will sell some of their games to Raycom. Instead of Raycom bidding seperately they have agreed to buy ACC games from ESPN. That means there will still be regional, syndicated broadcast coverage of ACC sports. It is to be determined if this will carry ESPN branding, ACC branding or Raycom branding, but it will be a Raycom production and probably have the same affiliate network Raycom now has.

4. The ACC is betting on the future.
The ACC's deal is smaller than the SEC's. It is also shorter. So next time the ACC will negotiate before the SEC. The thought process with this is that the economy will be better, there is an advantage for setting the market and the power football teams (Miami and FSU) will be stronger.

5. This helps protect the conference but doesn't guarantee anything.
The deal is strong and makes it much less likely that anyone will bolt but it is still short of the Big Ten and the SEC's deals. As long as there is money on the table, teams will listen.

ACC and ESPN reach TV deal

I'll post more details and thoughts later today but the good news is that ESPN and the ACC agreed to a new deal worth a reported $155 million per year.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baseball beats Dartmouth and other links

The baseball team used their make up date with Dartmouth to help improve their record. The 10-4 win moved the Eagles to 28-23. They will play another non-conference game on Tuesday against St. John's.

The Ravens are giving McLaughlin a shot as a fullback. Hopefully he makes it. The odds are not in his favor since he is learning a new position at the highest level. The flipside is that they must like him as a long snapper and special teamer and think moving him to a thin part of the roster is a way to keep him on.

This is a terrible article about expansion trying to play it smart. The only reason I am noting it is because it continues to use the "BC is an afterthought in Boston" theme as an excuse to call our move to the ACC a mistake. What all these guys fail to realize is that staying in the Big East would have generated less interest in BC within Boston and although we don't dominate the Boston market like some colleges dominate their tiny markets, we are a consistent ratings winner. And our ratings in Boston and nationally mean more than scoring a 91 in a four-tier TV market does for some of these other schools.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Noreen tripped up by ACC rules and other links

Kevin Noreen's status is still up in the air, but it looks like ACC transfer rules will keep him from going to North Carolina.

Former Eagle Stalin Colinet now counsels high school athletes on the recruiting process.

Here is more on Donahue's first verbal -- Dennis Clifford. Tyler Harris is another 2011 prospect for Steve Donahue. We are also laying down roots for the 2012 class with targets like Kaleb Tarczewski.

The Herald had a nice and rare feature involving BC Track.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Softball season ends in ACC Tourney and other links

A disappointing season came to a close today as the softball team lost to No. 1 seed Georgia Tech, 8-0 in the opener of the ACC Tournament. The team finishes the season with a 16-33 record.

I asked Bruce Feldman about BC's chances in his chat on Friday. He still thinks we are second tier.

The news that Miami and Notre Dame are renewing their series is bad for BC. It is one less open date for the Irish and another ACC team on their schedule. However, if Notre Dame stays independent, our chances of getting them back on the schedule improve. As an indy they won't be able to play any Big Ten or SEC teams late in the year. The ACC and BC would accommodate them and give them much needed October and November dates.

This has been around a bit, but I thought some might find the analysis interesting. I always put a lot of weight into returning starters, but this study shows it is not a significant factor.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

QB recruiting and other links

BC is being aggressive again on the QB recruiting front. Christian Suntrup is one of many QB targets in this class. BC is also talking to Pennsylvania QB Matt Johnson.

Akil Sharperson is coming to BC as a preferred walk on. He seems like a special kid.

BC, Duke and UNC were the top ACC performers in the academic progress report.

Here is another wrap up of the ACC meetings. The GMan thinks we will sign with ESPN.

If you missed Jared Dudley on First Take, you can click on this link via his twitter account.

Although they still haven't signed many guys, Donahue's crew has been very active. BC has interest in Wisconsin product Paul Jesperson. Meanwhile Kevin Noreen seems to be talking to everyone and remains undecided.

This baseball america blog mentions BC commit Kevin Walter and speculates that if he is drafted high enough he might skip the Heights and sign with an MLB team.

Former Eagle Razzie Smith is trying to make a go of it in the CFL.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hoosiers at the Heights and other links

As rumored, BC will host Indiana for this year's ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Indiana is still rebuilding but it is always nice to see a traditional power at Conte. This game will come on the heels of the Old Spice Challenge in Orlando at Thanksgiving. We should know a lot about this team after that stretch. (I know I said the same thing last year and was wrong...)

The ACC meetings closed without a resolution on the TV deal. I know Fox has real interest in getting in on ACC football, however, I think the ACC worries about a potential lack of presence on ESPN and what that would mean for the brand.

CFN produced another solid season preview of the team. It also includes depth charts, Offensive Scouting and Defensive Scouting.

How do you want the Expansion to play out?

One way or another, the Big Ten will expand. Whatever happens there will be a domino effect on all the other conferences. How much things change is unknown. I really only see three potential solutions for BC. All are listed below. Take a look and let me know which path you want taken.

1. The Status Quo. In this scenario all the other conferences shuffle yet the ACC remains as is. This will only happen if the new ACC TV deal is very strong. If it falls short of what Big Ten and SEC schools make then all the current ACC teams will listen and explore new conferences. My ideal ending would be for BC to remain with the current roster of ACC teams in a 12 team conference. I don't think this will happen. I just don't see the ACC putting together any sort of package that is as lucrative as the Big Ten's cable network.

2. BC joins the Big Ten.
In my opinion this is the longest of long shots, but the continued floating of BC as a potential Big Ten target keeps the idea alive. While we don't fit the Big Ten's profile, I could see why they would want BC. We deliver good TV ratings (despite the national perception), have a strong history in multiple sports and bring a very good academic profile. We would be a fish out of water in the Big Ten, but we would be a very rich fish out of water. I would support a move to the Big Ten but don't see it happening for a variety of reasons. The Big Ten has all the cards in this scenario, so why would they take a risk on BC when they could take a better fit like Mizzou?

3. BC becomes part of the Big-ACC.
This involves the post raid ACC and Big East teams getting together to form some sort of East Coast Conference. If this happens, I assume that the ACC has been striped of some of its marquis programs (FSU? North Carolina? Clemson?) and the Big East teams looking for partners are programs we want no part of (UConn, WVU). Although we could ascend to the top of this conference, I think public perception would be very low. Would the casual BC fan be excited? Would the conference be able to generate serious TV revenue? I doubt it. Unfortunately this is the most likely scenario. We would remain in a BCS conference and remain playing East Coast teams, but that would be the only benefit. This would feel like a mid major afterthought.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BC and the World Cup and other links

Tough news on the Charlie Davies comeback front. While he continues to progress, he is not far enough along to make the US World Cup team for South Africa and was left off the 30 man roster. The lone silver lining though is that another Eagle Alejandro Bedoya made the 30 man roster. Bedoya plays in Sweden and getting on the field during the WC would be a huge boost to his career. The final 23 man roster will be decided after the Team USA minicamp.

Here is more on BC commit Brian Mihalic. I like that Spaz is building up the class with big, line prospects. I also appreciate that we are a factor in the Cleveland area again. Given our sales pitch and success with Cleveland guys, we should do well in northeast Ohio.

HD lists Max Holloway as a potential breakout player.

Monday, May 10, 2010

ACC Meeting news and other links

The the pending TV deal(s) look like they will be the major news coming out of the ACC meetings. My guess is that there will not be an ACC network. I also doubt we will align with one provider like the SEC did with ESPN. Instead, I predict the ACC deal will have renewal arrangements with ABC/ESPN, CBS (for basketball), Raycom and Fox. The money will grow, but not be enough to end expansion talks. Speaking of is on everyone's mind (including Gene's) yet no one at the ACC has any definitive solution or statement. It is all wait and see. Since all the players are dancing around the issue, I think the ACC remains vulnerable. Until the conference announces a new partnership plan which includes huge departure penalties, every school is a flight risk. Ugh, I know in the long run BC will be okay, I just don't want to see us in the ACC/Big East leftovers conference.

Donahue has interest in Arizona PG Jahii Carson. I am glad to see us working the 2011 targets, but we still need a flyer or two for the 2010 class! We are still waiting on the official word from Kevin Noreen.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Another look at Donahue and other links

As most of you probably read, the Globe had an excellent feature on Steve Donahue Sunday. It points to a player injury as a turning point in his career but also shares some of Donahue's personal, professional and financial struggles. In the end winning the right way will be what matters most, but I think having a coach who is emotional and willing to share his story will help BC basketball in many ways.

Here is another feature on Herzy. Despite knowing the story, I find each article refreshing and inspiring. This season cannot get here soon enough.

This blogger predicted our starting five and the other ACC lineups for next year. The list includes the now departed Ravenel.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Brust staying in Big Ten and other links

Ben Brust was one of Steve Donahue's more promising targets. The former Iowa verbal considered coming to BC, but preferred to stay in the midwest. Once the Big Ten allowed him to commit to another Big Ten school without penalty, BC's standings slid. He finally decided on Wisconsin.

If you've been meaning to catch some BC baseball, Sunday might be the day for you. The guys will play two against Florida State.

This is a few days old, but the Broncos cut Marcellus Bowman. I think he will struggle making an NFL roster. The upside of the early cut is that he can now get a shot at another team.

Friday, May 07, 2010

More hoops roster shuffling

Steve Donahue picked up his first official commitment in 6'10 Mass product Dennis Clifford. While not an elite recruit, Clifford is a good first sign. He's local (which had been a challenge for Skinner), he had other options, and he's willing to sign on for Donahue before he's even coached a game at BC. Clifford is part of the 2011 recruiting class.

Donahue is also closing in on his first transfer in Centenary guard Damon Starring. Because Centenary is dropping down to DIII, Starring would not have to sit out a year in a transer.

It is not all good news though as Evan Ravenel will transfer. That leaves BC, very thin in the front court. I don't know if or how Ravenel would have adapted to Donahue's scheme but I always liked him as a player. He wasn't dominate nor did he have great talent, but he seemed to play smart and hard.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Reading too much into the tickets video and other links

Since it won't allow me to embed, go to the BC website to check out the new video promoting ticket sales (I'll wait). Are you back? Good. The video is well done and pretty typical. It features Harris and Castonzo and teases Herzy's return at the very end. Did you notice who was missing? Our returning, starting QB. I am probably reading too much into it, but it is very surprising to ignore your QB in a highlight video...especially when he is returning. In my mind this is just another sign that the QB depth chart is wide open and we may not see Shinskie starting by the time we play an ACC opponent.

The ACC might not sell the most tickets or travel well, but as a conference we drive ratings. Check out this article. It makes me think that even in a down economy the ACC has real bargaining power with the latest round of TV talks.

These are the reasons HD is excited about the new football season.

Brady Heslip will visit Oregon this weekend.

The Pac 10 and the Big XII are considering some sort of TV alliance that would pool their market power and potentially form a network. Where is the ACC when all of this is going on?

Donahue's staff has interest in prep schooler Aaron Cosby.

BC is hoping to hit the St. Xavier (Kentucky) pipeline again with Daylen Hall.

This is an interesting story regarding Mike McLaughlin's decision to sign with Baltimore. Although they didn't draft him, they recruited him hard. Let's hope it proves to be a good fit.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cassara's unexpected rise and other links

The other day I wrote about how the BC coaching change helped Cooley and Coen even though they didn't get the BC job. Well no one is this process benefited more than Hofstra's new coach Mo Cassara. The former BC assistant almost lost his job for the second time in two months, only to be promoted to the newly vacant head job at the Long Island school. Now he is a head coach at a mid major with good potential upside! Although his time at BC didn't end well, I wish Mo nothing but the best and hope he can take the Pride to the next level. He also proves a few cliches true -- good things happen to good people and timing is everything.

Mr. College Football is the latest pundit to rank BC in the middle of the division.

Donahue stills needs a body to two for this recruiting class, but is already making plans for 2011. He offered local product Dennis Clifford a scholarship last week. Hopefully they can get the big man to commit this summer.

Here is the latest recruiting roundup from the ACC Sports Journal. The Journal also has a pretty good spring summary from EA's Eric Hoffses.

Herzy was on Ivan Maisel's podcast.

Finally, you may have seen this elsewhere but please support the BC Club of Atlanta and, blogger/friend BCMike in their annual performance at Relay for Life.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Expansion overload and other links

David Glenn -- who I like -- is the latest ACC guy to write about the impact of expansion on our new conference. Glenn talked to a representative of every ACC school and came away thinking the conference is secure. In the article I linked he explained his reasoning. I still think we are in the poker stage. I have no doubt every school has talked to a third party about joining the Big Ten or the SEC. (In BC's case it would probably have been the Big Ten.) I also doubt that any would turn down a chance to move because the windfall is so big. Until the ACC has either its own cable channel to rival the Big Ten or a megadeal from ESPN, we can be poached.

On the recruiting front, BC is in the mix for Paul Gaughan.

Hofstra should do everything in its power to hire Skinner. My guess is that Al would rather wait for a bigger job to open next year.

Deep in this article is a mention of Tanner McEvoy and his interest in BC. Warren Ball is another potential BC guy.

Ayla Brown is the latest young BC grad to get a network TV slot. She'll bring her youthful perspective to CBS's morning show.

BC baseball put their rough weekend behind them and beat Northeastern tonight.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Interviewing with BC helps one's wallet and other links

Although their mentor was fired by Boston College, both Ed Cooley and Bill Coen received serious consideration for the Men's Basketball opening. Neither got the job but both got good raises from their current employers (Coen at Northeastern and Cooley at Fairfield). Both guys owe Gene a thank you as the BC process raised their profiles and their market values.

HD highlighted Herzy's contributions to "Lift of Life." Herzy will also be part of the V Foundation Fundraiser later this month in Sarasota.

While the men's basketball team hopes for transfers, the women's team is getting them. This should help our depth.

Here is HD's post spring power rankings. Not surprising, we are in the middle of the pack.

This has been in other places, but it is worth noting that Fedex will no longer sponsor the Orange Bowl. I don't think of it as a big deal...inevitably some other sponsor will fill the void. The ROI is always tough to justify on these events, but for companies without an established brand, the exposure from naming rights is huge.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Herzy at Lift for Life and other links

He's not in pads, but you've got to feel good about Herzy's prospects after watching this.

The Chiefs bloggers like Gunnell's chances of contributing.

Not a good weekend for the BC baseball team. With the latest loss, they now fall to .500 in ACC play.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hokies take down baseball team again and other links

After cruising into Blacksburg on a major hot streak, the baseball team has now dropped two in a row. They will look to salvage the series with a win on Sunday.

Brian Toal is hoping to make the most of his tryout with the Giants.

Now that former Iowa commit Ben Burst has won his appeal he will likely go to another Big Ten school instead of heading east to play for Donahue.

Future Eagle Andre Williams also excels on the track. Let's hope the track speed translates to big plays in football.