Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Expansion overload and other links

David Glenn -- who I like -- is the latest ACC guy to write about the impact of expansion on our new conference. Glenn talked to a representative of every ACC school and came away thinking the conference is secure. In the article I linked he explained his reasoning. I still think we are in the poker stage. I have no doubt every school has talked to a third party about joining the Big Ten or the SEC. (In BC's case it would probably have been the Big Ten.) I also doubt that any would turn down a chance to move because the windfall is so big. Until the ACC has either its own cable channel to rival the Big Ten or a megadeal from ESPN, we can be poached.

On the recruiting front, BC is in the mix for Paul Gaughan.

Hofstra should do everything in its power to hire Skinner. My guess is that Al would rather wait for a bigger job to open next year.

Deep in this article is a mention of Tanner McEvoy and his interest in BC. Warren Ball is another potential BC guy.

Ayla Brown is the latest young BC grad to get a network TV slot. She'll bring her youthful perspective to CBS's morning show.

BC baseball put their rough weekend behind them and beat Northeastern tonight.


Anonymous said...

Great information, I wish it would have been posted a few days ago.

Dubrovnik Holiday

eagleboston said...

I'm guessing that is a virus from "nicole." Do not click on that link.

blist said...

I saw Dubrovnik Holiday and I thought it was an early projection of what bowl the pundits think we'll be playing next year

JP from Dorchester said...

Not that has anything to do with anything, but BU has hockey troubles too.... no mention from the local press.


chicagofire1871 said...

There was another such post as "nicole's" on the HERZY LIFT FOR LIFE post. Some Chinese character guy put it there. What's going on with this?

bc1900 said...

Let's home she doesn't embarass BC like Hasselbeck or win any young alumni awards for doing nothing.

Ry said...

let's follow the steps needed to become a D1 head coach.

coen and cooley leave BC
mo cassara gets hired as an assistant
skinner gets fired
donahue hired, doesn't retain skinner's staff
tim welsh gets fired by providence
welsh hired by hofstra
welsh hires cassara as an assistant
welsh gets blackout drunk and passes out behind the wheel
welsh resigns
mo cassara named head coach of Hofstra.

see how easy!