Monday, May 03, 2010

Interviewing with BC helps one's wallet and other links

Although their mentor was fired by Boston College, both Ed Cooley and Bill Coen received serious consideration for the Men's Basketball opening. Neither got the job but both got good raises from their current employers (Coen at Northeastern and Cooley at Fairfield). Both guys owe Gene a thank you as the BC process raised their profiles and their market values.

HD highlighted Herzy's contributions to "Lift of Life." Herzy will also be part of the V Foundation Fundraiser later this month in Sarasota.

While the men's basketball team hopes for transfers, the women's team is getting them. This should help our depth.

Here is HD's post spring power rankings. Not surprising, we are in the middle of the pack.

This has been in other places, but it is worth noting that Fedex will no longer sponsor the Orange Bowl. I don't think of it as a big deal...inevitably some other sponsor will fill the void. The ROI is always tough to justify on these events, but for companies without an established brand, the exposure from naming rights is huge.


modest34b said...

HD confirms contempt for BC

Drew in Boston writes: Why would you write a column about the ACC's out-of-conference schedules and write about ever single team in the ACC except Boston College? Granted, their OOC schedule isn't great, but it still has ND and deserves some sort of analysis. And the decided lack of BC coverage on this blog has not only been noticeable, but insulting. We may be up north, but we're in the ACC too, Heather.

HD: I KNEW I should've put a disclaimer at the top of that post. That wasn't an intentional slight on BC, it was a slight on the Eagles' schedule. They don't play any nonconference opponents we have ranked! Sorry, but Notre Dame doesn't cut it. Last I checked, the Irish lost to Navy last year. And Syracuse is still one of the worst teams in the Big East. The whole point of that post was to see how the top opponents stack up. Not yet, anyway. And I just wrote about BC yesterday afternoon.

Good note Drew, whoever you are!

Hey HD, games by other ACC teams against Rutgers, Pitt, Kansas and Navy are worth mentioning, but BC's game against ND is not worth a mention? What a load of crap from HD followed by a jerky response. But she is a football idiot, so I guess i should consider the source. If it ain't a herzy or QB story about BC, HD has nothing to say. pathetic.

Does BC have a sports publicity department? Why isn't BC more proactive in trying to get favorable coverage and limit bad coverage. Get out a Luke story? get out the Castanza stories. Someone from BC needs to get a better BC spin out there.

GDF are you listening! (of course you aren't)

johnoatesforthree said...

At least our athletics department isn't putting out stuff like this . The ND team that came up with this should be fired.

Also, awful news out of UVA.