Wednesday, June 16, 2021

New uniforms embrace classic look

It only took years of fans begging and a switch to a new provider for BC to finally come out with a new look that embraces some of BC's classic styles. While not a throwback like last year's Flutie era jerseys, this season's uniforms will be simple: gold pants (no stripe), maroon and white jerseys (no stripes), use of the old classic BC logo, numbers with simple traditional font. The helmet is all gold and seemingly shinier. I prefer the stripe on the helmet, but understand that the solid helmet is classic BC.

I am glad to see the all white road uniforms out of the rotation. While I didn't mind the mix and max of maroon pants and gold pants in various combos, traditionally BC wore gold pants all the time. I am fine with that now. 

While this "what's old is new again" mentality won't last forever, I hope BC always keeps this sort of base uniform in the rotation. Recruits and players like variety, so I am fine with seasons that have special jerseys or unique long as we can keep coming back to something like this.