Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Jerry York let us all live the dream

There is no way Boston College, the BC community or any BC fan could every thank Jerry York enough for what he has done for all of us. We will have great coaches again. We will win championships again, but we will never have a legend who was one of us and who handled himself with the grace and class for decades. 

York didn't need to coach at BC. He won a National Championship and was well on his way to the Hall of Fame at Bowling Green. At the time, BC was such a mess that Mike Milbury quit before ever coaching a game. Not only did York take the job when things were at their worst, he rebuilt the team and then made it the premier college hockey program in the country. But even all that only scratches the surface of why we should be so appreciative of York.

Off the ice York was the ultimate "BC Guy." He supported the other teams and coaches. He was warm to the students and fans. As leadership and priorities shifted around him, he always put on a good face and didn't use his soapbox or leverage for internal power plays that happen with so many successful coaches in college sports. 

Like most winning coaches, York was a great recruiter and a great tactician. He could sell the school and develop players, but what stands out is that he also embraced a few great players that others dismissed because they didn't fit the physical mold of traditional hockey stars. 

I am glad he is leaving on his own terms. He earned that right. As much as he wants to be present for his family and grandchildren, I assume he will still be a regular at a variety of BC he always has.

Every time there is a BC coaching search, a former Eagle or two gets floated for the job because we all love the idea of one of our own coming home and returning us to glory. We are spoiled and want another dozen Jerry Yorks. But there will never be another. 

Thank you, Jerry.