Friday, July 31, 2009

Alumni basketball news and other links

Tyrese Rice signed with Panionios (a Greek club). It's probably not where he wanted to be, but it is a chance to make money and work his way into the NBA. If Rice needs a role model, he should look no further than Jared Dudley. Dudley has fought for every minute and is now a key piece of the Suns' plans. You can follow Dudley on Twitter.

Dickie V has BC just on the outside of the Top 25.

The football team raised $28,000 in the Lift for Life event Thursday. Congrats to them for working hard and putting on a good show. Also thanks to those who gave. Although the event has passed, you can still donate.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Respect for BC fans and other links

We need to get the Princeton Review folks on some bowl selection committees. Despite our travel reputation or the belief that we are more concerned with tailgating than kickoff, BC made the top ten in the Review's annual survey for “Students Pack the Stadiums.”

One of the ideas I've been calling for -- a bowl game at Fenway -- may be a real option. This article mentions baseball stadiums getting involved in college football. The reason I've always thought a bowl would work in Fenway is the novelty of playing there. Plus the limited capacity and city center location could make it sort of an event. Something that it wouldn't be in Foxboro.

Justin Tuggle is considered a redshirt freshman to watch.

Herzy is on everyone's mind. As mentioned in the SI article he's heard from everyone including Charlie Weis. HD promoted the Lift for Life event. Let's hope people put up pictures on Friday.

Tennant and Castonzo made the preseason ACC first team. No one from the defensive side made the list.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The definitive Herzy article

Great read. Of course it was written by Kevin Armstrong.

Note to Sandy Herzlich, there are definitely more than five people who think Mark can make it back for 2010!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lift For Life update and other links

The team's fundraiser in honor of Herzy is Thursday. Please support the guys and the cause. Here is a clip of Chris Fox promoting the event. (HT BC All Access)

The ACC TV talk remains a focus. The Charlotte Observer and the AJC both had articles on the topic. The key will be hoops. But as the BCI guys showed, BC is holding its own revenue wise under the current plans.

Spaz spoke highly of our new OC Gary Tranquill.

Some of our unheralded recruits are now ranked by the major services.

No Blaudschun at the ACC meetings?

Is Mark Blaudschun not at the ACC meetings? We are two days into the event and he has yet to file anything with his byline. He may be there and collecting background but the fact that nothing is making it online or in the paper is not a good sign. As most know, the Globe is facing huge financial problems and could be reducing travel expenses.

I have been a critic of Mark Blaudschun's BC coverage at the Globe but I would prefer poor coverage from the Globe as opposed to no coverage. Sarina Mathai had an article this morning. Perhaps there will be new voices on the beat. Let's just hope we get some articles with depth and the occasional breaking news.

At the Herald, Conroy posted a good piece that shows Spaz's sense of humor.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Spaz in the spotlight and other links

Spaz spoke with the media today and seemed to charm folks. He got a few laughs for this Shinskie line:
"The good news is he's 25. The bad news is he can buy beer for the whole team."

The Herald had Conroy at the meetings. Nothing yet from the Globe.

BC did not receive any votes from the ACC media.

Here is Matt Ryan's first national TV commercial.

This VTech writer put together a decent BC preview. The key for me though was his honesty when discussing the Hokies recent losses to BC. Is this now a real rivalry?

Dominique Davis made his destination official. After this one season he can transfer back to a DIA program.

These are some of the things the ACC is doing to improve attendance at the ACC Championship Game.

Quinton Porter's play has put him in the middle of a QB controversy again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ACC Kickoff stuff and other links

Since it is not in my backyard this year, I couldn't make the ACC Media Days/Kickoff. Fortunately the ACC covers its own event well. You can see video of the interviews, see pics and get transcripts on the conference site.

Here are a few storylines to follow out of the ACC this year.

John Swofford took a look at the conference prior to the event.

Matt Ryan is focused on improving off of his rookie season.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Consensus among the experts: BC will be 5th

There are a few optimists, but the average prediction from the experts has BC finishing 5th in the Atlantic Standings. Even Dr. Saturday, who certainly goes his own way on these things, fears the offseason was too much and BC will be at the bottom of the division.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Talking TV

I have received a few emails from readers who are excited about Comcast adding ESPN U to some basic cable tiers. That's good news for BC fans under any circumstances and this year is even more important with many of our games likely pushed to the U. But a bigger issue is on the horizon -- the ACC TV deal.

As you can read here, the SEC TV has set a precedent. The SEC deal also creates a problem for the ACC. The SEC cut a deal with ESPN first and therefore gobbled up value scheduling real estate and syndication partnerships. Now there is speculation that the ACC will partner with other conferences (perhaps the Pac 10 and/or Big 12) for some sort of network. We'll see if and how that would happen. No one is asking me, but instead of going the Big Ten route with a custom network, I would prefer the ACC leverage its assets and get a ESPN/broadcast/syndication package as close to the SEC's as possible.

It's not outlandish to think this could happen. The ACC has a few things over the SEC:
1. A more populous geography
2. More major TV markets
3. A better basketball product that translates better into national markets. As much as we tire of Duke-Carolina, that game gets huge ratings nationally. More than double any SEC basketball game would get.

As fans of BC and the ACC we shouldn't worry about access. We'll get to see more games on more channels regardless of how the negotiations work. But play attention to the $$$, since we want the conference to get as much money as possible. More money for the ACC means more money for BC and better sports for us.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loscalzo speaks and other links

Good job by Eagle Action to get an interview with Strength and Conditioning coach Jason Loscalzo. I've been impressed with the way Loco helped reshape the team. I also want to emphasize the importance of the S&C position. He's one of the few guys who can work with the players year round. Loco's got a great rep and has been a key to our success in the post-TOB era. (Thanks to Brendan for the link suggestion.)

The sports journals are following our marketing efforts. Who knows if it is really driving sales though.

HD likes our secondary but doesn't think much of the special teams. Our coverage teams were ok last year, but I pray that our kick offs and place kicking improve. I don't think I can take another year of shanked kicks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More on BC's marketing efforts and other links

Have you submitted your name for BC's ticket video? The Herald has the story on how the whole campaign came together.

The Washington Times ranked us 60th overall.

HD continued her position ranking and has the linebacker's 10th overall.

Some of the BC baseball players are heating up their respective summer leagues.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shinskie's transition to college and other links

Although he hasn't even played a down, there has been a lot written about David Shinskie. This Fanhouse post deals with his transition to the structure of college football. What I found interesting in the piece though was Chris Weinke talking about the mechanics of throwing and adjusting back to the game. The first real test will be how the QBs react in the scrimmages. Most recall that the scrimmages were the final indicator that the Crane-Davis combo would not come close to filling Matt Ryan's shoes.

Great news on the medical front as Herzy's treatments are going better than expected.

Eagle Insider posted a Q&A with Reggie Jackson.

The Charlotte Observer started their college basketball coverage including some early scouting on BC. (Thanks to John for the link.)

Finally, word leaked out that BC may play Army in the new Yankee Stadium in 2014. I would be glad to see the Black Knights back on the schedule but having the game at Yankee Stadium doesn't do much for me. Playing them at West Point would be just as cool.

More BC athletes helping out

Players from the women's basketball team, the women's hockey team and the men's hockey team recently visited Boston Children's Hospital. The football players had a conflict and couldn't make it. These are the little things that I am glad BC athletes do.

Thanks to Gordon's Left Foot for the pics.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Outsiders weigh in on BC and other links

Dr. Saturday has done a good job following the BC chaos this season. When it comes to the QB situation, he follow his hunches and predicts that Tuggle will emerge. The Doc is also covering the ACC all week and discussed the growing consensus that Florida State will win the division.

I think our DLine will be better than HD predicts. I also think our offensive line should be the best in the conference.

For some of us, our knowledge of BC history begins with the time we arrive on campus. This piece offers a good glimpse and discussion into BC basketball history. I don't debate the John Austin call, but I don't think the writer gave the '80s guards their due.

More on Chase Rettig.

Minnesota trade Craig Smith to the Clippers.

Jared Dudley was back in Boston for a basketball camp.

More Stanley Cup pics

Thanks to John for these pics. And once again, thanks to Brooks for showing off the cup.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cup hits campus

As promised Brooks Orpik brought the Stanley Cup to BC Sunday. A very good crowd of BC fans showed up and the whole thing benefited the Boys & Girls Clubs. Now let us hope other Eagles get their names on the trophy next year.

Thanks to Tom for these photos.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rice's summer

Here are some pics of Tyrese from Vegas courtesy of reader Mark. Rice is playing well, but is still not a sure thing to make the Wizards.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gene talks $$$

Everyone and everything is hurting financially. Once thought recession proof, sports has certainly seen a dip in demand and donations. There is plenty of belt tightening in college sports, and as Gene explained to ESPN, all schools have to make tough decisions.

In the article Gene talks of fairness and setting standards, but that ship has sailed in my opinion. Look at the easy to manage and regulate cost savors like coaching staff limitations and scholarship limitations. Yet schools get around both of those issues with huge salaries, veteran Grad Assistants and using prep schools and JUCOs as holding stations.

I am glad Gene has a platform and a plan. The entire university has been overstaffed for a long time. Tough choices should be made. But I also don't want Gene to use the economy to table long term needs like a permanent, indoor football practice facility and a full renovation of Conte.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cool football commercial

I know this is a ploy to sell tickets, but man, this sort of stuff get me excited.

Stanley Cup on campus and other links

You know how each member of the winning Stanley Cup team gets to take the Cup somewhere? Well Brooks Orpik is using some of his key Cup time to give the best trophy in sports a tour of Conte. You can see the Cup (and Brooks) on campus this weekend. Details at this link.

HD seems to like our offense as units, but not as a sum or its parts.

Ron Brace and the Pats are close to signing their deal.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting to know Andre Williams and other links

Andre Williams seems to have a good head on his shoulders. In this Q&A he talks about his decision to commit to BC and his goals for the season.

Some current BC football players helped out at a local camp last week.

Matt Tennant and Jim Ramella will represent BC at the ACC Media Days.

HD thinks we have one of the better WR groups in the ACC.

You can catch Derrick Rossy box on ESPN 2 July 31.

Matt Ryan talking BC to ESPN.

Clarifying my Shinskie comment

My earlier comment about Shinskie raised more questions than it answered. When I said "less enthused" about Shinskie it wasn't so much about him. It was more about him being our last-minute savior. Now take this all with a grain of salt given that it is secondhand, and Shinskie has still only been involved with unofficial team workouts. Early word is that he's a good athlete, but certainly football rusty and not necessarily leaps and bounds better than Boek or Tuggle. He has the advantage of age on the other QBs but isn't a Paul Peterson/Chris Weinke studious, mature, boy scout type. Take that for what you will. I have hopes that he blossoms and it clicks (before Labor Day would be nice!). But like I said, my prediction is it will be a big success or a washout. I don't expect some long, drawn out, mediocre four-year career.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My take on HD's BC predictions

HD made three predictably predictable predictions about BC. Here is my take on what she wrote.

1. No middle ground with Shinskie. HD is optimistic about Shinkskie. I am less enthused based on early feedback. I think Shinskie will either be a great, great player who leads us for years or he struggles and is a nonfactor who doesn't hang around to ride the bench.

2. The running game will frustrate BC fans. We have the talent and a great Oline, but I think the new offense and untested QB will mean 8 in the box again and again, all in an effort to shut down the run.

3. The linebackers will be much better than people think. No doubt that Herzy and a gimpy McLaughlin won't be replaced easily. But I actually think the talent in place and the scheme will help the LBs exceed expectations.

Rettig roundup and other links

The Rettig commitment generated some good press in California, in Boston and among the ACC.

HD thinks our QBs are the worst in the conference. We really don't know what we have. I actually quibble with the top of her list and think she overrates Lewis and Ponder.

Jamie Silva is ready to build off of his first year. (Thanks to Steve for the link.)

Rice played well in the Wizards' summer league game against the Cavs, but Dan Steinberg wonders if the team needs an undersized 2 guard.

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think the ACC TV deal is a huge story that is under the radar. The conference will try to get SEC type money but faces economic and football challenges. Fortunately ACC basketball will help improve the overall deal. With donations and ticket sales down, BC needs the revenue from a TV deal now more than ever.

More on Davies move within Europe.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rettig is an Eagle

Finally some good news on the QB front as Chase Rettig committed to BC. Like Boisture I expect other schools to keep recruiting him, but he has decent offers now and still wanted to come to BC. That is a good sign. Below are some links and video.

-- ESPN Scouting Report


Support BC Uplifting Athletes

In the days following Herzlich's announcement, many of us wondered what we could do to make a difference. It didn't take Mark's teammates long to decide how they were going to help.

Boston College Uplifting Athletes to Host Charitable Event to Benefit Ewing’s Sarcoma Boston College football players to participate in the “Lift For Life” on July 30

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – Members of the Boston College football team have officially launched the newest chapter of Uplifting Athletes, a national organization that works with college football players to fund rare disease research. Shortly after Mark Herzlich (Senior, Linebacker) disclosed his battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that typically affects young men, Ryan Lindsey (Junior, Wide Receiver) rallied his teammates to take advantage of the position they are in to make a difference.

The Boston College Uplifting Athletes inaugural event will be the “Lift For Life” on July 30 at 6pm. Fans are encouraged to attend this fun-to-watch strength and conditioning competition to show their support. At least 60 football players are expected to participate, including well known veterans such as, Montel Harris, Wes Davis, Matthew Tennant, Rich Gunnell and incoming freshman. Donations can be made online at Mark is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but hopes to be able to attend this unique event.

"It's humbling for me to learn that not only are my teammates supporting me, but that my situation has inspired them to do something that will help a lot of people facing similar challenges," Mark said. "I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Lift For Life and personally thanking them.” “As soon as we heard about Mark’s battle with this rare disease, we wanted to do something,” explained Ryan, the Boston College chapter president. “I was familiar with Uplifting Athletes from some of my friends that play [football] for other schools and they put me in touch with the executive director, Scott Shirley. The coaches were supportive of the idea so we met with Scott and he helped us get started. We are excited about this opportunity” Shirley added, "There are a lot of benefits they get from the experience of organizing and running a chapter of Uplifting Athletes. They can take something they do every day and turn it into an event to raise awareness." Uplifting Athletes chapters are run by current football players on college campuses across the country, including Colgate University, University of Maryland, Ohio State and Penn State – each benefiting a rare disease relevant to their team. Current Eagles responsible for planning their chapter’s Lift For Life event include Ryan Lindsey, James McCluskey, Damik Scafe, William Flutie, Thomas Claiborne, Wes Davis, Mark Spinney, Marcellus Bowman and Darius Bagan. For more information or to make your tax-deductible donation, please visit

We often talk about BC guys being different. The initiative these guys took to promote and organize the event is an example of how truly different they are. Support them if you can.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bosco pipeline continues and other links

One of the challenges of coaching changes is losing continuity with recruiting territories. Fortunately we've kept our pipeline to Don Bosco open with our latest commitment Steele Divitto. Steele was recruited as linebacker and gives Spaz another much needed body into what should be a large recruiting class.

Is Spaz one of the more secure coaches in the ACC? This writer sees other coaches in the conference on the hot seat.

Incoming Eagle Chris Kreider got a crash course in NHL life via the Rangers developmental camp.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Globe: BC-BU at Fenway will happen

The long rumored, never confirmed match up between BC and BU outdoors at Fenway will happen. The Globe is reporting that the official announcement will come Wednesday.

Are we going to get any good news this summer?

2010 basketball recruit Danny Lawhorn decommitted -- get this -- via facebook. Given the basketball staff's track record, I am sure they will fill the void appropriately.

A few Brighton residents sued the city in an effort to halt the renovations of the Brighton campus.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Eagle and other links

Spaz picked up another commitment with Pennsylvania product Andre Williams. He's expected to play running back and had interest from schools like Temple and Vanderbilt. His coach has praised Williams' intelligence. Sounds like a good fit. Welcome aboard Andre.

Nathan Gerbe wants to build on his strong AHL season at the NHL level. put together a round up of all the former BC guys in pro baseball.

The Charlie Davies media push continues.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Media Guide 2009 is here!

BC released their annual Football Media Guide today. You can click around on the PDF version here. Congrats to BC Sports Information for putting out another great book.

There was a decent amount of banter on the message boards about the depth chart. Don't read too much into any of it. The key position -- QB -- won't be settled until close to kickoff and will probably drag into the season too. Due to rotations, depth charts for most of the defense and WRs is also unimportant. The real interesting area will be left guard. Right now Emmett Cleary is listed above Richman. I expect a few other guys to be in the mix there too.

Other areas of interest include the usual history and stats sections as well as the full bios of the new coaches.

Regardless of whether you read every page or just skim it, the best part of the media guide is that it is one more reminder that the season is approaching.

Gene absent on the power list and other links

Who is the most powerful person in the ACC? Gene D did not crack the Top 20 on this Power list. The man at the top of the list was featured in the Orlando Sentinel.

The Canucks expect Cory Schneider to stick at the NHL level this year.

The national recruiting guys are starting to notice that BC has a New England focus this year.

Davies' move to France seems eminent.

Mr. College Football predicts we will finish 5th in the division.

Here are ESPN's college football broadcast pairings. We'll be seeing a lot of the ESPN U teams this year.

USA Today posted a preview on the ACC yet barely mention BC.

ACC Sports caught up with Eagle Action's Eric Hoffses.

Flutie is still getting love from SI.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nonconference previews and other links

CFN has previews up of all our non conference opponents (not including lower level Northeastern). You can read them here: Notre Dame | Central Michigan | Kent State

No love for Spaz on this blog. The BCI guys touched on the same topic. I think you'll see a BC related pattern when the media looks at our coaches. If they are new, little will be expected of them (see Jags and Spaz). Once they accomplish a little for a few seasons they will become a overrated (see TOB).

Sorta NSFW...EDSBS had a little fun with our new customized ticket marketing. (I am 32 and a father, yet this sort of childish humor still makes me smile.)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More QB news and other links

BC has moved on from Joe Boisture and is looking to take multiple QBs in this recruiting class. We seemed poised to add another until...
"The timing is crazy because I was actually thinking about committing to Boston College today and then I got an email from one of the coaches to call coach (Lane) Kiffin and when I did, he told me they were offering."

The summer of "doh" continues. Rettig is still saying good things but now that Tennessee is in the mix, I think our chances are slim. Let's hope the staff stays aggressive on the recruiting front.

The BC women will take on Baylor in the Maggie Dixon Classic at MSG. posted a Q&A with Jared Dudley.

The Examiner catches up on Brace and Raji.

Monday, July 06, 2009

HD gives Herznation some pub and other links

I have the best intentions for some in depth content this week, but today is more links (been very busy).

HD gave the folks at Herz Nation some much needed publicity this afternoon.

Joe Martinez is working his way back to Majors. (Thanks to Alex for the link.)

It is certainly a niche role, but some think the Jack Geiser has potential to long snap in the NFL. (Thanks to Bill for the link.)

Here is more on our Josh Bordner and how he quickly caught BC's attention.

Derrick Rossy is still plugging along with his boxing career. posted a Q&A with budding star Charlie Davies.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tuggle feature and other links

As we spend the next eight weeks hoping that something and someone click at QB, perhaps we should take some solace in knowing that Justin Tuggle was born for this. As the son of an Pro Bowler, Justin Tuggle has the genetics and access to the best training of any of the potential QBs. He seems poised for the pressure. Now let's hope he can start making the throws in scrimmages.

Tony Sanchez hasn't had a moment to catch his breath since the College World Series and MLB draft.

For those who haven't followed Charlie Davies' path since he left BC, here is a quick summary of his career.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Previews, previews, and other links

The NYT's college blog put out their usual solid preview of BC. The writer Paul Myberg did his homework. He predicts Tuggle prevails at QB and has BC as a borderline bowl team.

Athlon's preview is a little more dated and didn't have the latest on Davis.

Looks like rising soccer star Charlie Davies could transfer to a French team.

Mark's dad is sharing updates on Mark with Rivals.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Herzy on Twitter

I've spent a good deal of time promoting Twitter. If you haven't signed up yet, perhaps the chance to get updates from Herzy might be worth it. Based on his tweets, it looks like Mark is holding up well.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rice's summer league plans and other links

This writer thinks Tyrese Rice can build off of his summer league opportunity with the Wizards. I actually think the Wizards were a bad choice. Like the link says, their summer team is guard heavy. But more importantly, Rice needs to be on a team that has an idea of how to use him. Despite his size, I don't think his game or D translates to being an NBA point. He needs to be on a team that shoots 3s and has good floor spacing (like Orlando this past season). If JJ Reddick can get good minutes on a playoff team, there is no reason to think Rice cannot do the same. He just needs to find the right fit. I hope Washington is it, but I think they are just his first step towards Europe.

Bleacher Report thinks Reggie Jackson is ready to step up and fill Rice's void.

Even with the outdated information in this link, it looks likes you can still bet on BC for six wins this season.