Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baseball beats Dartmouth and other links

The baseball team used their make up date with Dartmouth to help improve their record. The 10-4 win moved the Eagles to 28-23. They will play another non-conference game on Tuesday against St. John's.

The Ravens are giving McLaughlin a shot as a fullback. Hopefully he makes it. The odds are not in his favor since he is learning a new position at the highest level. The flipside is that they must like him as a long snapper and special teamer and think moving him to a thin part of the roster is a way to keep him on.

This is a terrible article about expansion trying to play it smart. The only reason I am noting it is because it continues to use the "BC is an afterthought in Boston" theme as an excuse to call our move to the ACC a mistake. What all these guys fail to realize is that staying in the Big East would have generated less interest in BC within Boston and although we don't dominate the Boston market like some colleges dominate their tiny markets, we are a consistent ratings winner. And our ratings in Boston and nationally mean more than scoring a 91 in a four-tier TV market does for some of these other schools.


blist said...

the headline to the expansion article should be: "Get those damned city-folk out of my yard!"

Galvin said...

hahaha "hay, what do yew fancy city slickers think yew know 'bout college fooseball?"

Unknown said...

This is off topic, but did everyone see Richard Blumenthal's campaign blunder? This is the same jerk who sued BC after the Big East departure. I'm a democrat from Connecticut but a BC alum and I'm glad to see this guys well publicized demise.