Sunday, May 30, 2010

Florian to be a TV star and other links

BC guy Kenny Florian will be putting his Communications major to use as ESPN has hired him to be their lead MMA analyst for their new MMA show. Good luck to Kenny and hopefully he turns this into a solid post retirement career.

Luke Kuechly is considered one of the best LBs in our region.

BC is going hard after Connecticut prospect Tommy Jordan but he sounds sold on Florida.

You can catch Jared Dudley on ESPN's First Take Monday morning.


ObserverCollege said...

You already lost one recruit, Beal, to Florida when you couldn't assure him he would be better trained at BC than at Florida for a career on Wall Street.

Now you're battling for another kid who wants a career in business. Why would you bother? You're battling against a school that generates inestimable sums of money each game day, between ticket sales, concessions, provision of automobiles, monetary handshakes and the like. Even though everyone in college athletics recruiting who gets to pass through the velvet ropes knows the best schools for a career in business are as follows:

1. Notre Dame.
... (2-4 are Ivy League schools and thus irrelevant as they are FCS institutions).
5. Florida.
6. Rutgers.
...(Ivy League institutions and thus irrelevant)
9. Oklahoma.
47. Boston College.

Fact is, players at Florida and Notre Dame are de facto co-op students. Each game day they witness the generation of high revenues against stable labor costs. That's a direct path to learning how to build a fortune on Wall Street. It's a real life work experience little Boston College simply has not had the foresight to provide to their players. So sad for the Matt Ryans and Scott Gieselmans of Boston College. To imagine what they could have been in the world of business. So very, very sad.

modest34b said...

Observer --

You've lost it buddy! Your humor went quite a while ago and now your grasp of the facts is lost.

Yes ND is #1 biz undergrad, but BC is #9. here is the top 10 undergrad biz programs; ND, UVA, Penn, Cornell, Berekley, Emory, Michigan, BC, Texas.

Where did you get BC as #47? Rutgers, Florida, Oklahoma....did you make those up?

Observer, now I admit that you used to be kind of funny, but you are stinking up the joint lately.

To see what you were, check out my own impersonation of you a few weeks back. It was a great spoof of you -- snotty, condescending, ND-centric . . . the other blogger fell for it and even insulted you for it.

We expect better entertainment from you OC -- no, we demand it. Now go try and be funny or at least your old self.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

The only sure things in life, death, taxes, and commenters not getting an Observer College post.

I love it. Keep up the good work OC.