Friday, April 01, 2011

Castonzo to Giants? and other links

Tom Coughlin has always had a soft spot for BC guys. Could Castonzo be the next Eagle to head to the Meadowlands?

Thomas Militello could be another Missouri QB that heads to Boston.

BC has interest in Maryland athlete Dominic Bryan.

Catholic Memorial QB AJ Doyle has attended a BC practice.


EasyRider said...

As one of the few BC alum's from Missouri. I would love to see us recruit there and the rest of the Midwest more. Having played in MO and coached in MA, I can tell you the level of competition isn't comparable. Athletically the Northeast can compete with the Midwest, but the toughness on the field isn't even close to the same. I love seeing the QB's from there but if we can start to get more players from the front 7 up there I think it will help tremendously.

Benjamin said...

Woohoo! First scrimmage of spring football today! It looks like a pass heavy offense today, as there was no mention of the ground game. I like Rettig's numbers, but I was surprised at Shinskie's stats (8-10, 97 yds., 3TDs).
I hope this is a sign of Rodgers making the game more than one dimensional.

Lenny Sienko said...

Does anyone have an eyewitness report on today's football scrimmage?

Here's a link to SBNation's acocunt:

mod34b said...

More news. Eagles Insider