Sunday, April 03, 2011

First take on first scrimmage

Hope springs eternal...or something like that. Every year all college football fans try to use Spring Football as a barometer of things to come. I think most BC fans have been over that idea for a while now. But there are some basic questions that can be answered based on the scrimmages. Saturday was Scrimmage No. 1. This is what we learned.

-- Rettig is still the starter. This was expected and he played well against's BC base D. Word is Rettig is taking to Rogers playbook fairly quickly.
-- Shinskie is probably the 2nd QB. No one knows how Shinskie will operate after last season's roller coaster. I hope he isn't pressed into action this fall, but on the bright side, it would leave us with an experienced and strong-armed backup.
-- BC did not run the option. The option was a staple of Rogers's offenses at Syracuse and Notre Dame. It probably doesn't play to BC's strengths and it doesn't look like it will be a factor this year.
-- Rettig was under center. Not only does this show intentions for 2011, having the QB under center also allows BC to sell their offense as "pro style" to pocket passing recruits.

BC's holds its next scrimmage Saturday. If history holds, Spaz will challenge the offense more and bring the defensive pressure...and we will all try to keep from reading too much into it.


Dan said...

God I am ready for football.
Shinksies numbers sound good but when you read the eagleaction report it sounds awfully familiar: botched snap, floated pass or two, throw that looks great but was a bad idea. Should be interesting if rodgers can get through to him in a way tranquility couldn't. Maybe line him up at fb and let him toss a trick bomb.
Glad to see the scrimmage was so pass happy. Motel is probably still resting and we know Andre is a battering ram so the more reps rettig gets with rodgers offense the better. One last thing, I hope rettig will finally be the one to utilize momahs size advantage.

mod34b said...

Poor Shinskie - he has become a Hard luck Charlie Brown figure - he botched his first snap from center!!! I guess that is better than lining up behind the guard like last year!

Benjamin said...

Lining up behind Claiborne was classic Shinksie.