Thursday, June 04, 2009

TV PC Schedule and other links

The big news of the day was the release of the September TV schedule. If you had complaints about ESPN U, I have some bad news for you: our first two games are on ESPN 360. You'll have to watch on your laptops and PCs. However, for alumni clubs this is a great opportunity. Last year, BC Mike was able to get a bar in Atlanta to put the 360 feed on a large flat screen. Clubs, plan ahead and see if you can do the same. I want to vent but this is what you get for playing Northeastern and Kent State. The Clemson game will be on regional broadcasts. The rest of the season really depends on how we play. Now does anyone now how to best put the game on my HDTV at home?

BC announced the latest list of inductees into the BC Varsity Club Hall of Fame. It's a strong class that includes, Nalen, Garay, and Danya Abrams.

The parallels between UVA's issues last year and our issues this year are eerie and unfortunate.

A week later, the epic game against Texas is still in the news. Baseball front office people are discussing the pitch counts and the general abuse on arms at the college level. Cooperstown has also asked for some of the equipment used in the game.

Eagle Insider checked in with future Eagle QB Joe Boisture.

The women's basketball team picked up a verbal from a local product.

HD reported that Albright, Fox and Boek have been to Pennsylvania to see Herzy.

Tony Sanchez is a finalist for the Bench award.

Here is an early look at ACC Hoops. (Thanks to Dave for the link.)


Dan Popko said...

I had completely forgot about this till I saw you post the link on the Girls basketball recruit. Here's an article from a few weeks ago about a commit from a girl on Long Island.,0,321990.story

I remember her playing my school a few years ago. She was dominant as a freshman and sophomore still but I'm not sure how LI girls B-ball translates in division one.

conlonc said...

I never really thought Antonio Garay would make the BC HOF, but I do remember hearing about how sick a wrestler he was.

Shoutout to my boy Craig!

eagle1331 said...

Hey Bill...

Re: ESPN 360 on your HDTV

My local cabel provider does not give us access to ESPN360 without a special package, which I am too cheap to purchase. However, my guess is that it is shown in HD quality, though I could be wrong.

You have a couple options. Most newer laptops (mine's 3 y/o and doesn't) have HDMI ports on them now. You can simply but the HDMI cord from Best Buy and output it in presentation mode to your tv. That should take care of the audio too. I recommend asking BB if they have any returned cords to drop the price from $75 to $15. If it doesn't communicate audio, just go to radio shack and buy the headphone to audio outputs.

The second option is not HD, but get an S-Video cable, which should have an input on any tv and output on any computer (mine does have this). For that you'll need the afore mentioned audio cord.

BCMike said...

Famous was able to do it for us this past year...I have a request in to STATS to make sure they can accompany us the same way.

As I understand it, as long as the bar is big enough to have a NOC of sorts where they have multiple screens going at once, they should be able to just put the internet feed to a projector or TV along with audio...same as they would if you were showing a powerpoint presentation.

You'll lose a little with the clarity/pixel quality, etc, but a small price to pay to be able to cheer on the team with fellow Eagles and flowing brews.

BCMike said...

We are good to go at STATS. The Atlanta folks will be able to see the Northeastern and Kent State games on the big screen.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'm glad somebody will be able to see these games. My ISP does not carry ESPN 360 and I will be SOL.

At least with ESPN U, I could get the games on my Direct TV set up.