Monday, June 29, 2009

Hockey drafts and other links

Very slow news weekend around BC sports. The primary event was related to all the Eagles that took part in the NHL Draft. Five of BC's incoming freshmen were selected. That's a ringing endorsement of the talent infusion arriving on campus. The only downside is to wonder how long the NHL will let these kids hang around Chestnut Hill before trying to turn them pro.

HD produced her list of players who didn't make her Top 30 countdown and there still aren't many BC names on there. Not much respect for our secondary or Rich Gunnell.

I try not to get emotionally involved with recruiting, but will be rooting for Alexander Amidon (Spaz's latest commitment). He's one of the rare DIA products from my high school alma mater Hotchkiss.


mod10aeagle said...

It's amazing how much hockey these guys have played before they ever step onto a D1 rink. It's getting almost impossible, it seems, for any kid to just play high school sports and then go play in college. In every sport, it just takes a huge and hugely expensive commitment to get to point where you can even be considered.

Claver2010 said...

Very excited for this years class. The key to this season will be the D holding up in front of Muse. One huge thing missing from BC last year was the speed, BU was just as fast as we were last year -maybe faster which is rare. Kreider was widely acknowledged as the fastest at many predraft camps and given his size (6-2 200) should be fun to watch.

Interesting note, one not drafted was Steve Whitney (usual BC forward 5-6 165) who was regarded as the top of the class this time last year.

Anfield10 said...

just wondering about recruiting for football - does BC have a policy against recruiting or getting in touch with Sophs. in high school? I only ask because my cousin really wants to go there (guess he wants to follow in my footsteps - ha!) and so a highlight tape and letter were sent, and BC won't even confirm they received it. The kid is getting interest (and camp invites) from Va Tech and Wake, but BC won't even return repeated phone calls...i hope this isn't just them being rude or something and it is some policy they have - though why they couldnt just say that i dont know

mod10aeagle said...

No one benefited more from Nathan Gerbe's presence (and conversely lost more from his departure) than Whitney. He was just not a factor this past season. It probably didn't help that he played a bunch of games as a defenseman. I also wonder if he was one of the guys who played most of the season with a hernia of some type, as someone posted here a few weeks ago.

Strengthening the blue line certainly is the highest priority.

eagleboston said...


Have his high school coach contact the BC staff. They get hundreds of submissions and it could have been lost in the shuffle, but they almost always respond to fellow coaches. Secondly, if he really wants to go to BC, the best advice is to have him go to their summer camp. They have to notice him when he is right on their field.

Also, the good coaches avoid highlight tapes and actually go see the kid play so don't be troubled if they ignore the highlight tapes.

Still, it seems a little odd that they would totally ignore him. At least send a nice little letter thanking him and wishing him well.

JP from Dorchester said...

Steve Whitney is a freshman, but I agree that Joe Whitney had a tough year last season, as did quite a few of the guys we counted on to get better after the champoionship season. If Samuelsson plays like his dad, the penalty box in Conte will be full.... another Petrecki perhaps?

mod10aeagle said...

Dear God, please not another Petrecki! Without question, he was the most frustrating player to watch. So much natural ability, so little sense. All the tools but one.

Claver2010 said...

Petrecki definitely had his bonehead moments but he was too big for the college game.

Whit milked a ton of assists off of the 1st team powerplay unit two seasons ago.