Monday, June 08, 2009

Yet another QB twist

Dave Shinskie is now an Eagle and will be eligible this fall. The one time star turned baseball prospect has decided to get back into football. This offseason roller coaster never ends. I'll have more on this development later today.


Willis said...

If he has eligibility for football at BC, does that also mean he can pitch for the baseball team? I'm sure at 25 this guy could still blow the heat by pimple-faced 17 year olds.

ATL_eagle said...

Willis, he's played minor league baseball so he cannot play baseball for BC.

Erik said...

Welcome to the competition Dave. This competition should get 4-5 guys practicing real hard all summer.

blockparty said...

I wondering how many times shinskie has heard the will ferrell 'luvahs' reference with christopher walken.

"she wanted to try shinshi shinshi. now, id been begging her to try sinshi shinshi for months. she'd refused on the grounds that it was unclean"

eagleboston said...

I hope this works out as well as the last time BC signed an "old" guy...Paul Peterson.

totheights said...

As I said on my blog, its a low risk, high reward kind of thing. The risk, a waste of a scholarship, the reward, a starting QB that can win up 8 or 9 games this year.

I'll take that.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am still firmly in the camps of Tuggle and Boek. I hope this turns out to be a positive move for Coach Spaz and the team, but who knows?

I always thought Boek had the chance to be the next Paul Peterson and I also think that Justin Tuggle has a chance to be something special.

Let's look at this - Tuggle (RS FR), Boek (Jr), Atiyeh (RS FR), Marscovetra (F), Flutie (Jr), Boisture (HS Sr), and now Shinskie. All these guys are looking for an honest chance - will they get it?

I must say, I don't know anything about Atiyeh, but his bio looks like he could be pretty darned good. If we recruit one or two more QBs I think were at the point of diminishing returns.

bobble said...

-Big Jack Krack

I understand your point, but I don't see a problem with giving a handful of QB's with zero D1 experience the chance to compete. None of them have proven a thing at this level so give them all a chance and find the best one. There's nothing better than competition to bring out the best in a player.
That being said I still think Tuggle and Boek have the best chance at the job.