Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sanchez signability and other links

Tony Sanchez is a great prospect, but it looks like his willingness to sign quickly and play in Pittsburgh factored into their selection. The Pirates had nothing but great things to say about Tony.

I don't think HD realizes that Central Michigan will be a tough game.

More on Shinskie from the Globe and his hometown paper. After my initial giddiness, I've come back down to earth about Shinskie. I don't know if he is the answer, but I do think one of our QBs will be good enough to get us to the postseason.

People are still focusing on Cherilus' inconsistency.


morrina said...

I'm having a brain freeze. Remind me. How did we end up with Central Mich instead of Central Florida?

eagleboston said...

Good question. I just want to know if that LeFever, LeFleur, LaShonda, whatever that guy's name was, is still the QB? In the 2006 game, Dunbar or Herzlich knocks out the starter in the first series and this redshirt freshman totally torched us. We were very fortunate to come out with a win. Not looking forward to facing him again.

morrina said...

oh yeah, Dan Lefevour went 22-37-221-1 against us in that game. Bad news....he's a senior this year.

CT said...

I remember Cent. Michigan came down here to Athens to play UGA last year and, of course, the media had to tell UGA fans who LeFevour was and how talented he is (football doesn't count outside the SEC).

He went 23-43 for 250 2/1 in a 56-17 loss.

Playing on the road is a whole different ballgame for 21 year olds.

The guy ran for more than 500 yds last year, too, which, as I remember, was a problem for us when he subbed in back in '06.

Good player.