Monday, June 22, 2009

Another QB joins the fold

A few weeks ago we didn't have enough QBs. Now -- dare I say -- we have too many. BC just received a commitment from another high school QB. Like Boisture, Josh Bordner, is a big, pro-style QB. However, he could end up in another position before his career is over. Regardless, I am all for the "see what sticks" philosophy. Spaz needs to find a solution, so give everyone a shot. The only downside to that strategy is you risk losing the one guy you really want. But at this point, that is a risk worth taking.


Erik said...

What is he, a linebacker? Safety?

mod10aeagle said...

He'd need 35 pounds of muscle and a a quarter keg of speed to be an effective LB (or just the speed to be a Safety), wouldn't he?

Joe Boisture can decommit anytime if he starts listening to the guys whispering in his ear about all the QBs he'll have to compete with at BC.

BCMike said...

I don't think Boisture is going to be quaking in his boots having to compete with a guy who hasn't thrown a football in six years or a "possible sleeper". He had to know looking at our depth chart that we needed to add QB's, especially after Dom departed. I'm sure several will redshirt.