Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hoops schedule stuff and other links

Most BC fans have tossed this topic around already, but here is what Andy Katz had to say about our future schedule:

Pitt was approached about playing Boston College in the Jimmy V Classic in December in New York but the Panthers decided against the matchup. Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson said he wanted more of a national game. But there was another reason for his decision against the opponent. Pederson was concerned that there were stories written in Boston during the East Regional that it was Boston College -- a former Big East school now in the ACC -- hosting onetime Big East rivals. Pederson said he didn't want that to be the story again in December.

Since BC left for the ACC, the Eagles have played former Big East members Providence and St. John's. BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo said there are discussions about playing Villanova, and the Eagles are talking to Syracuse and Rutgers about playing again in football (they still continue to play Notre Dame, a basketball Big East member but an independent in football). DeFilippo said he doesn't see this as an issue. Pederson said the Panthers and Eagles will likely inevitably play. He said if there were no other opponents he wouldn't be against playing the Eagles. He also said he was thankful for the way the Eagles hosted the NCAA regional. The Big East said there is no policy against playing BC or any other defected school (Virginia Tech and Miami left the Big East before BC).

Pitt is expected to stay in the Jimmy V event. The rest of the field will be announced at a later date.

If Katz said it, it is probably true. He's well sourced on these things and if anything takes a proBC stance in his coverage. So it seems that Pitt still has some hard feelings about the Big East departure. One day this will all be behind us. The other news out of this was the potential games against 'Nova in basketball and Rutgers in football. The 'Nova game would be a great matchup and generate plenty of alumni interest. I am not as thrilled about Rutgers in football, but it is a convenient matchup in an important recruiting territory so I am not opposed.

Marc Colombo -- cornerstone tackle one day and frontman the next.

Carolyn Swords is one of the semifinalists for team USA. Of the current 15 members, only 12 will make the final team.

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