Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Why the APR still matters and other links

Thirteen BC teams were recognized for their APR success. All of them deserve congratulations but for better or worse football's continued APR success is the most important. Not only is the team our largest and under the most scrutiny, but it also gives BC credibility nationally. Change is coming among the NCAA schools. Paying player, a split among the BCS-level programs and the smaller schools, or an entirely new organizing body are all ideas in play. The ACC is secure, so that helps us. Boston is a big TV market and that never hurts. And BC keeps graduating its football players. If a split happens and the leaders of the movement want to keep the concept of the student athlete alive, they will need programs like BC to come along, as we are in the minority in our ability to groom players on and off the field.

BC's last hope at a Big Man for this basketball recruiting class seems to be Swedish F/C Bill Magarity. His sister played a year at BC before transferring, so he has some familiarity with the school. I don't think Magarity is program changer but he is a nice insurance policy for our thin front line.

Phil Steele put Spiffy Evans on his preseason All America team as a Punt Returner.

ESPN thinks the ACC Network is a few years off at the earliest.


JBQ said...

As strange as the comments were from E. Gordon Gee at Ohio State, you have to listen to some of them. The Big Ten is an academic institution. The SEC is not. Missouri went to the SEC instead of the Big Ten. Now, a very good program is being pelted by ACT challenged teams that flaunt the rules. Gee does insinuate that there are major changes coming. The best bet is that the SEC will break off and begin paying the players. Where this leaves schools like Missouri is anyone's guess. Schools in the ACC like Florida State could jump as well and where would that leave BC? The money is piled deeper than Lake Erie. The NCAA has been a joke with its selective enforcement. Recently, an athlete on campus washed her car at the athletic department. The NCAA investigated and charged the school for a 20 dollar violation for "illegal use of water". Meanwhile, Cam Newton danced all over the NCAA.

Knucklehead said...

Auburn athletics is like Charlestown pre-gentrification, there is a code of silence or you get whacked. Snitches get stiches.

This is the game changer for BC hoops. He transfered to Fairfield Prep from a smaller schools in CT because the son of his host family was going there. Bet we could sign him if Mahoney gave the son a acceptance letter, package deal.

Ry said...

The car washing incident was not investigated by the NCAA nor was the school charged $20 for "illegal use of water" (a phrase that appears in no article about the incident so your quotes are confusing and misleading). The school found out about it and self-reported the violation. The NCAA agreed because neither the hose nor the water were available to other students. The athlete was asked to pay for the cost of the use of the hose and the water. If other students have to go pay for a car wash, why can't this golfer?

So there's the actual reasoning. And yes, it is ridiculous that such a small issue should even warrant a story when bigger things are happening all the time. However, the extent to which facts are not allowed to get in the way of a good story (or angry rant) is somewhat annoying as well.