Tuesday, June 04, 2013

More good recruiting news and other links

The recruiting train doesn't stop. Addazio picked up two more verbals Tuesday. Critically Ohio kicker Mike Knoll said he is headed to BC. He's a kicker and punter and could end up doing both at BC. New Jersey DE Joe Vitiello also committed.

The ACC released their cross-division opponent rotation for the next ten years. It is as we expected and a reminder that we won't play the other division much.

Hanlan joined the Canadian National Team Development program.

ESPN also broke news that Eddie Meredith and George Craan left the team. Neither were expected to do much this year.

Herzy hopes to start for the Giants this year.

In case you missed it, here is USA Today's excellent team preview.


mod34b said...

As to scheduling, BC will see teams in the other ACC division that are not VT at home 1 time every 12 years!

So for Pitt, UVA, MIA, Duke, GT and UNC, they will come to Boston 1time every 12 years

.... kind of a Cicada schedule. Not a great loss, but I would have hoped to see more of Pitt and MIA.

mod34b said...

what about ND?

WI_Eagle said...

I HIGHLY doubt this schedule format will last through 2024. Between more teams moving between conferences and general desire for change for change sake I think we will see a different format within 5 years.

Scott said...

The 5 ND games count as out-of-conference games, so not part of te ACC divisional rotation.

JBQ said...

I watched Herz closely last year. He wasn't good enough to start over a bartender that they brought back. Sadly, his leg, at least so far, has not quite healed and allowed him to maximize performance. Coughlin gave him the chance and you have to continue praying that the titanium rod is as strong as his "soul".