Monday, June 24, 2013

Landing recruits from ACC Territory

When we joined the ACC, one of the justifications is that it would open a bunch of new and fertile recruiting territories for us. Although we certainly picked up a few more southern players, it wasn't a bonanza. Instead we kept getting guys from our usual strong holds in the Northeast and Midwest. Things are different now as BC picked up two more Florida recruits.

The first was Linebacker Ty Schwab. He camped at BC last week and made an impression. Performing in person helped his cause as there were concerns about his size and speed prior to the visit.

The second Florida player to commit Monday was WR Gabe McClary. He liked BC's academics, but his prior relationship with Todd Fitch helped.

I know Addazio made Florida a point of interest. Many on the staff also had ties to the state. We will always have kids from New England and Ohio, but this influx of sunshine kids should help our recruiting rankings and help change the perception of BC around the ACC.

We now have 19 commitments and have room to grow. Many needs have been addresses, so now the staff can become more selective with the final five or six scholarships.


MUD said...

Addazio is backing Hernandez. Guy was just "being a dude" in the NFL.

Joseph said...

I read the Globe article. It never said that he was "backing" Hernandez, nor did it imply that. All it said was that he liked the guy. He gave NO opinion about the current situation. I did not see the part about "being a dude". Can you cut and paste from the article? Are you trying to make Daz look bad? Why?

JBQ said...

Recruits in Florida grow and play in the sunshine. In general, it's like racehorses in Kentucky. They develop speed and stamina.

MUD said...

Daz didn't back him, as in have his back in the court of law, but supports his players "whatever happens" (paraphased from the article). I don't take this as a bad thing. I just read a top news article, press is press. Hope recruits don't get affected. I dislike the media, but seemed like a good media to voice on a college blog.

Joseph said...

I see your point about disliking the media. But, you both have the same problem with getting it right. The fact is writers have a point of view and will always try to get that across. I'll never understand the "dude" remark. It served no purpose except to mislead about what Daz really said and obviously meant.

MUD said...

I spoke too soon. Looks like Hernandez is not a nice gator. I'm sure Daz's relationship won't matter. I was just kidding about being a dude. I think it's a really funny slogan. Like "Be all you can be" and "dude, where's my car?" combined. You can really apply it to anything in life.