Tuesday, June 25, 2013

20th verbal and other links

New Jersey Tight End Tom Sweeney is now the 20th commitment in the 2014 recruiting class. I keep thinking Addazio might slow down and save a couple of scholarships for late bloomers or big names, but he seems ready to take the guys he wants. The consensus on Sweeney is that he is a good athlete but needs to fill out and grow into his frame. It is nice to keep the Don Bosco connections strong.

Chris Herren is now taking his story of demons and redemption to NFL rookies.

I still don't get the connection, but Matt Ryan attended the William & Mary Football camp Tuesday. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck were also there. Somebody in Williamsburg has got some serious pull.

The ACC signed a deal with the Pinstripe Bowl. A guarantee BC will play in that bowl at least once during the life of the agreement.

Steve Donahue is a fan of Kelly's Roast Beef.

BC guy and WWE star Alex Riley (fka as BC LB Kevin Kiley) might become a WWE commentator.

Who knew Addazio would spend so much time talking about former Florida players.


John said...

Keep them coming, Coach(es).

I don't have the exact numbers, but in order to rebuild the South Carolina program, Steve Spurrier recruited no less than 25 players per year, and over 30 several times.

While we don't want to over-recruit, and skirt the rules, we want to use our 85 scholarships wisely. Spaziani and Napoleon DeFliphead certainly didn't.

Thank you for brining hope and confidence in the future for BC Football.

Welcome aboard, Tommy.

John said...
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Scott said...

A little surprised to see W&M lure 3 All-Pro QBs to camp, but upon research, they've done this before.

The existing coach (Laycock) is one the best ever in 1-AA, and was offered many BCS jobs on the way (including BC & Maryland).

Didn't realize W&M's past coaches also include Marv Levy, Lou Holtz, Dan Henning, Raplh Friedgen, Mike Tomlinson ... And now Kevin Rogers.