Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Get Tebow to the Heights!

I've joked about the media asking Addazio about Tebow, but now that football's most famous terrible QB is in New England, I think BC should embrace Tebow and the circus that comes with him. Addazio should get him to campus or a BC practice the first chance he gets. Tebow can talk to the current players. He can tell the press about how great Addazio is and how important he was to Tim's career. Maybe we can even get Flutie to show up and have a Heisman to Heisman meeting. I don't care. BC doesn't have a lot of buzz locally or nationally. Addazio's day at ESPN was hijacked by the Tebow news, so this is our chance to get some attention in return. Is it shameless? Maybe, but I get the sense that Addazio and Tebow do have a connection. Tebow might enjoy a few minutes with his old coach and the media will enjoy yet another angle on the endless Tebow whirlwind.


mod34b said...

Excellent idea.

And don't forget the Jesus angle! Tebow might be psyched to come to a place that is based on Jesus! (Even though he supposedly comes from a fundamentalist evangelical background that might not be so warm and fuzzy about Catholics)

Maybe we could get Father Leahy to "Tebow"

ATL_eagle said...

Tebow's dad has built his ministries on converting Filipinos from Catholicism to his brand of evangelical Christianity. So for now we will keep Tim away from St. Ignatius.