Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It will be BC or Temple for Magarity

Zagsblog is saying Swedish Big Man Billy Magarity is down to a final three. I am hearing otherwise and that it is really just down to Temple and BC. The two schools went head to head for a transfer last year, with Temple luring in BU's Jake O'Brien. Temple is also led by Donahue's mentor Fran Dunphy.

I think Magarity ends up at BC. It is a fit for him and the chance to play in the ACC. I know there is a lot of optimism around campus about BC's chances. Now let's see if Donahue can close him.


John said...

We'd love to have you at BC, Billy and we need you.

What are the words to that song "Please come to Boston......"

Unknown said...

Need another big so badly! Please help us.