Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Magarity commits. Is he the final piece?

6'11 Swedish F/C Bill Magarity committed to BC Wednesday. He is eligible to play immediately. While not a program changer, Magarity was a nice pick up late in the process and gives BC some much needed depth on the front line. Magarity also raises expectations too.

Prior to the signing, everyone was hedging on BC's potential progress this year. The narrative had been established. Our scorers are all returning but "no one knows what BC can get out of Dennis Clifford." It is hard to win in the ACC under any circumstances, but when your lone 7-footer is hobbled, you cannot expect to be an elite team. Now BC has another big man. Magarity might not be as impactful as a healthy Clifford, but he fits Donahue's prototype (shooter first, high hoops IQ) and can at least put a body on the opposing team's big men. BC now has a upperclass led team, two elite players in Hanlan and Anderson, they can go big or small, Donahue now has a nearly full roster of scholarship players he recruited, and the team has depth at every position. There are no holes. I don't think BC's roster is loaded, but we have more depth than half the programs in the conference.

I've never doubted Donahue's work ethic or Xs & Os. The unknowns were more about building an ACC level program. I think he now has an ACC roster that fits his schemes. This is a tournament team now and if this team struggles, there are no more excuses.


Bando '87 said...

What if Clifford is healthy and starts at C, Magarity is good enough to start at PF and Anderson slides over to SF? Throw Hanlan at PG and split SG time between Dragicevich and Rahon and this team is seriously legit. Odio, Jackson, Heckmann and Hicks off the bench. I like it.

EL MIZ said...

will be interesting to see how the minutes shake out. making the jump from Swedish HS hoops to the ACC will be pretty drastic, but i am hopeful.

if Odio is working on a shooting this summer, does he start at SF? does Heckmann stay there and we bring Eddie off the bench?

the Don has addressed all the needs. we should go 11 deep (caudill stinks), we have depth in the backcourt, we have some athletes, we have some scorers, i'm really liking how things are shaping up.

already got tickets to the game against VCU at Barclay's, gotta get my tix for the game at MSG against UCONN -- CANT WAIT to see these kids!

JBQ said...

The ACC is quite the conference. Just how many BC players go pro. Dudley (Do Right) is one of the few. BC needs to take the lead in reaffirming the link between athletics and education. The SEC is preparing to "pay for play" and pull away from the NCAA. Here in Missouri, the Tigers joined the SEC and are being absolutely pasted by one semester wonders. BC does it right but will they be "left at the altar"?

Ry said...

Bando, no way the guards break down that way. Hanlon is a SG and Rahon plays the 1....a very good 1 at that.

jswheights08 said...

ATL - Not here to throw cold water on the fire, but let's remember this team went 16-17 last year, and now Pitt, Notre Dame, and Syracuse are coming into the league.

Hanlon is a talent, and Rahon and Anderson are solid ACC players, but let's be realistic. Even with Magarity, this team has an uphill climb to make to the NCAA Tournament.

Bando '87 said...

Ry, The team definitely has a lot of flexibility. I really like the backcourt, no matter how the minutes shake out.

Gotta believe Magarity, who I think is 20 already, would be more advanced than a typical freshman, both physically as well as with respect to his game, with the International club experience.

EL MIZ said...

a team that went 16-17, returns the top 7 players in minutes per game (only lost van nest), and adds 4 players (dragicevich, plus the 3 freshman) figures to win 21-22 games at the very least. ATL had a post on this last year regarding classes that matriculate per year -- taking a team of basically all freshmen and sophomores to all sophs and juniors averages to increase win total by 4-5 games.

also, i recall a handful of games last year where the team fell apart in the last 5 minutes or so -- and we had 2 freshman guards who led the team in minutes played. the fact that we add depth and should be able to scale back the reliance on those guys is a huge plus.

agree the conference improves (although pitt, cuse, and ND all lose significant players from last year, as did UNC, Duke, et al), but the season will be a disappointment if we don't make the Tournament next year. we have the depth, we have the talent.