Saturday, June 01, 2013

Scouting reports on NM State and Army

Paul Myerberg moved over to USA Today, but is still pumping out great team previews. He is posting them in order, from worst to first. So far he's already recapped two of our opponents.

Myerberg ranked Army 106th. Army is still bad and thankfully we are not one of their "toss up" games.

New Mexico State is 121st. Myerberg also notes (and somewhat mocks) Spaz's contribution to New Mexico State's offseason.


Big Jack Krack said...

Re Army: There was also a 34-31 win over horrid Boston College – horrid, yes, but an automatic-qualifying team nonetheless.

Thank you Napoleon DeFilippo or was it Gene DeNapoleon?

The road back has begun.

How much vigorish are you getting from the sweet deal you gave Spaz? It will take awhile for me to forget about Lecherous Gene.

John said...

Agreed. the road back will be so much more promising and positive than the shoddy effort put in by the AD and HC during the previous 4 years. And the AD showed himself to be a small-minded nitwit before that in the Jagz fiasco.

eagleboston said...

It's interesting as I have been following BC football since 1983 and have noted that this will be our 3rd return to competitiveness in that era. Following the tremendous Flutie years, BC went into a tailspin at the end of the Bicknell era and was forced to bring in Tom Coughlin to rebuild. The Coughlin term, though short-lived, brought us Glen Foley, Pete Mitchell, and perhaps the 2nd greatest victory in BC history with the field goal right into Touchdown Jesus in South Bend.

Coughlin moved on to bigger pastures and the ill-fated Dan Henning stepped in. He started off well, but BC fell into a very bad state amidst an embarrassing gambling scandal. Tom O'Brien was brought in to bring in discipline and he established the greatest and most consistent era of winning in BC history. He was so successful that BC fans took winning and bowl games for granted, to the extent that towards the end, BC fans were not even attending bowl games!

Alas, he hit a plateau and Gene wanted to bring in his own guy. Jags, a smooth-talking and extremely popular character ended the cycle of winning coach-losing coach by leading BC to 2 straight ACC Championship games. But, it became clear with his mediocre 2nd recruiting class that BC was merely a stepping-stone and his heart was not in it. He got in a pissing match with the AD and was gone. Gene, looking for stability, went with an internal candidate, despite the fact he had zero head coaching experience. This proved to be perhaps the most disastrous hire in BC history as Spaz swiftly destroyed the winning consistency established by O'Brien and maintained by Jags.

Now, we have Adazio and hope is back in Chestnut Hill for yet another rebuilding project. I really hope 'Daz can turn it around. More importantly, I hope he sets in place the foundation for a consistent, winning program that the next coach can build on so that we do not have to endure a 4th rebuilding era.

Joseph said...

good post EB. Daz has shown that he can get the horses, now, can he get them to run?

mod34b said...

The normally ├╝ber-astute Myerberg does not seem to realize Martin was the BC OC and thus does not need any 'intell' from Spaz (ha! Cue song:"if I only had a brain....").

"— Tidbit (new rivalry edition): There is no reason whatsoever for New Mexico State and Boston College to be rivals. (They're not really rivals.) This year's meeting carries some interest, however, after former Boston College coach Frank Spaziani – mercifully let go after last season – spent a week with Martin and his staff in April. While Spaziani can't necessarily discuss strategy with the NMSU staff, he could give the Aggies some insight into the Eagles' personnel heading into 2013. Rivalry!"

If Spaz is still getting paid by BC doesn't he have an obligation to not help our opponents?

Note to Brad Bates: call lawyers and break contract due to Spaz's breach!!

eagleboston said...

Very good point, Mod. There should be a no-compete as part of his settlement.

Unknown said...

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