Saturday, June 22, 2013

Darryl Hicks out with ACL tear

This sort of slid under the radar, but Eric Hoffses reported the incoming basketball freshman Darryl Hicks tore his ACL. No official word from BC yet, but you have to assume he will now take a medical redshirt. Losing Hicks is tough, but it really doesn't change the expectations for the season. I didn't expect Hicks to come in and displace Hanlan or Rahon in the starting line-up nor significantly cut into their minutes. It leaves us a little thin in the backcourt, but BC managed around it last year.

I hope Hicks has a smooth recovery. The silver lining of it all is Hicks potentially getting a fifth year helps the scholarship distribution.

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Bando '87 said...

Ouch. After the high from the Magarity news...this. Well, I agree with your silver lining on helping a little with scholarship redistribution, assuming Hicks will play out his 4 full years of eligibility after RS this coming year. One more silver lining?...maybe Sam Donahue will get some minutes in the backcourt and show he can play at this level.