Thursday, July 01, 2010

Blue Ribbon's preview and other links

ESPN offered up a free version of the Blue Ribbon preview of BC. It is a good assessment of the team but doesn't really offer anything we don't already know. But I am starting to get less bothered by what the magazines say about BC. These days, I mostly buy the preview mags so that I can learn more about our opponents.

It is down to BC and UVA for DE prospect Rob Burns.

Do you play college fantasy football? If so, Athlon thinks Montel Harris would be a good pick up.


Dan said...

Looks like Burns went with UVA.

That's fine with me, anyone that looks at the DE depth + Spaz + BC defensive tradition and still doesnt come is probably a dummy anyway.

Galvin said...

I agree, mistake - he could probably get some playing time early. But he's a Virginia kid, probably wants to stay close to home.

On a completely different topic, does anyone know when the Eddie Odio kid is coming to play basketball for us? Many websites have him listed as a class of 2011 guy, but BCInterruption dudes have him penciled in as coming this year. Also, not to get all stalker-ish, his twitter account says he came to Boston mid-June. I am perplexed