Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Woody Durham and Wes Durham

Driving home listening to Wes Durham on the Georgia Tech pregame show, I came up with one real regret about not traveling to the Tire Bowl -- I won't be able to listen to his father Woody call the BC-UNC game (in person, in the stadium, that is). Wes is great on 790 The Zone and I never miss his Thursday show with Tony Barnhardt. His father is a legend and the "voice of the Tar Heels." I suppose that if I get pissed at the ESPN 2 talking heads, I can turn down the volume on the TV and listen to the UNC radio stream over the internet. However, my wife would probably ask two questions: "what are you doing?" and "if you're going to do that why not listen to the BC stream?" Anyway I don't think either Durham would simple regurgitate the BC talking points.

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