Thursday, January 27, 2005

Still perfect

BC pulled out another huge win last night. With the Duke loss, BC and Illinois are the only undefeated teams left. They were down at various points but fought back with hustle and clutch free throw and three-point shooting. I didn’t see it as I was toiling away in class, but was able to catch the highlights and watch the scores. I know they will lose this season, but right now it seems like they are doing Curt Hennig impressions and everything is going in… "simply perfect."

After the game, Doug Gottlied gave a few backhanded compliments to the team on ESPN. It was the usual stuff: “pulling out narrow wins” “easy schedule” etc. Typical. While I am a believer in point differential when measuring football teams, in basketball the correlation is not as strong. Plus we are only two thirds through the season. And these close wins are signs that the team is poised and will hopefully pull through in the clutch. The schedule…well that is another Big East plan that backfired. They gave us a lousy schedule with very few in-conference marquee matchups. So Fat Mike successfully kept us off national TV, but inadvertently handed us the second best start in school history. Ha!

Here are some good stats about the start and team:

• Second best start in school history

• Second longest win streak in school history

• BC is 28-3 in its last 31 games back to last season

• BC now has the third best start in Big East history

One more thing, Dudley is getting the ink (from me too) and Smith is the known comdity, but Sean Williams is a true stopper on defense. He now has 41 blocks on the season. Just another diamond in the rough (which the New York Times even noticed).

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