Monday, February 21, 2005

No. 3 in polls; 3s on my mind

BC reached No. 3 in both the AP and ESPN poll. It is the highest ranking in school history.

While I know it is premature to start comparing this team to other recent championship teams, I just couldn’t help myself. And the stat that keeps bothering me when looking at this team is 3-point attempts. While the attempts are increasing and you can’t complain about the record, the team is headed down unchartered waters. Take a look. [SCROLL...TABLES ARE FUNKY IN BLOGGER]

Team3PA3PM3s per game
2005 Boston College426*137*3.83
2004 UConn 6192496.0
2003 Syracuse 540
2002 Maryland 580
2001 Duke 1057
2000 Michigan State 669
* BC’s projected numbers 

As most fans know, the 3-pointer can bury a team or spark a comeback. I worry that being this untested, the team is going to be cold from outside on a night when they need it. Hopefully the off night is in the Big East tournament, not the NCAAs. BTW, all of this year's top teams have taken more 3s than BC.

Also, want to pass on compliments to Mike Shalin’s recent work. Mike and Mike (the two BC beat writers) get a lot of flak from BC fans. I am sure that being on the beat as long as they have can get monotonous. However, it seems like Shalin is riding the enthusiasm surrounding the program to put a little extra effort in his work. The most recent nugget he included was this: “Remember Colin Falls' 7-for-12 performance from long range in Notre Dame's win against Boston College? The sophomore is just 6-for-28 in three games since.” Nothing earth shattering, but he deserves kudos for adding the extra effort. On the other side, Blaudschun –- subbing while Vega was at Daytona -- kind of mailed it in on the Syracuse wrap up.

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Big D said...

Interesting insight. How does North Carolina and Illinois compare to Boston College in the 3 department?