Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pitt Preview

BC won and Pitt lost on Saturday in games that were closer than either score indicated. People who didn’t watch the Pitt game might think they lost it at the foul line, but they were still in it with less than two minutes left. I really think not stopping UConn and forcing bad shots cost them the game. Here is my two cents on what BC needs to do on Monday.

BC on offense: I’m glad the team went inside with Smith and Dudley against Seton Hall because our guards finally went cold. Pitt looked a lot like Villanova and I expect them to get very physical and pressure the man with the ball for much of the game. I think BC will probably put Hinnant and Hailey on the floor together again. I really want to see the offense go inside. Smith will take a pounding, but he will also draw fouls. I expect a big game from Dudley with the usual strong rebounding and points in and around the basket.

BC on defense: Like I said, Pitt looks like Villanova, only their strength is their front line, not their back court. We don’t matchup well defensively. I expect a mix of zone and man and hope their guards keep clanging away from outside. We need to rebound well and eliminate their second chances. I would like to see more of the 1-2-2. UConn used it effectively to disrupt Pitt’s flow.

Prediction: I am worried about this game. But given the national audience and the lackadaisical effort on Saturday, I think BC will come out fired up. I have no idea what to expect from Pitt. They come in reeling and need this game to stop the bleeding. Despite my worries I say BC wins 67-63.

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