Thursday, March 17, 2005

Post game thoughts

BC came out better than I expected and won 85-65. So much for my suggestion of going inside. The team was aggresive from outside right from the start and played their best 20 minutes of the season in the first half. They didn't sustain the momentum in the second and let Penn chip away. Sloppy ball handling and some foul trouble made it interesting before they regained control late in the game. Sean Williams had his best game of the season so I am feeling good about Saturday's matchup against Milwaukee-Wisconsin. I'll post a preview Friday.

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LazardogBC said...

BC took adavantage of a slower, less athletic Penn team. This wasn't a great Penn team and BC took advantage inside. Lou and Stevie look awful at the PG position. I don't have a great feeling about the UWM game. Louis and Stevie have to step it up. How many times have I mumbled these words too myself this year, too many. I love my Eagles and as always, I will root hard for them. Great job today.