Wednesday, March 09, 2005

West Virginia preview

BC takes on West Virginia on Thursday. WVU destroyed Providence in the first round of the Big East Tournament. Everyone is still calling them a bubble team but against Providence the team seemed highly motivated and ready to take on anyone. Here is my take:

BC on offense: Against Rutgers last weekend, BC went back inside and made an effort to get the ball to Dudley. I think they should do more of the same against the Mountaineers. While the team controlled the second half against WVU in the previous two games, WVU comes into this game hot from the outside making 12 3s against Providence. BC cannot fall into the trap of trying to match them from outside. Control the tempo, work the ball for good shots and go to Dudley and Smith all day.

BC on defense: Our perimeter defense has been a weakness. Hopefully Al will throw out the occasional 1-2-2 and try to disrupt their flow. If WVU keeps trying to bomb away we just need to make sure we rebound well (while making 12 they missed 19). Our interior D is stronger than Providence’s so I don’t see the WVU shooting .460 from the floor again.

Prediction: BC wins 66-57. And I think a BC win locks up a 2 seed. West Virginia is a good team and deserves to be in the NCAAs regardless of the outcome of our game (how did they lose to Seton Hall?).


Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Shouldn't be that close. We will roll WVa.We are just a superior team. Period. don't know about Friday's matchups, but I have a very good away record, if that counts for anything. You forgot to mention that the fact this is BC's last BET, and coach Skins and Smith, et al will be chomping at the bit for the title. Oh yes, Tom O'Brien doesn't coach this team either, so they'll be ready to go-for real this time.

Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Foot, meet mouth. I was so wrong, so terribly wrong. Please forgive me.