Friday, April 15, 2005

ACC news and notes

The ACC confirmed that they will use replay next season. The Big Ten used it successfully this season, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t work this year. I am all for it as long as the right calls are made.

In other news, the ACC initially opposed the expansion of the regular season to 12 games, sighting concerns for the students. I won’t get into numerous hypocritical aspects of that silly stance. Later in the week the conference softened its position. I imagine this will go forward soon. What does it mean? Will the conferences expand their schedules by one game? That would make most sense as it would keep the money in the family. But as mentioned in the linked article, it wouldn’t surprise me if the teams feast on Division I-AA schools.

I am surprised the ACC was the only conference to object to expansion. I would have thought the eight-team conferences would have realized a longer season benefits the big guys more. Larger conferences can easily fill the game and get more TV money. With only seven conference games, the eight-team conferences could potentially have a harder time scheduling. We’ll see how the agendas, egos, timeslots and schedules play out, but I am sure it will get approval, which means more football for me.

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