Monday, May 23, 2005

Williams busted for stupid freshman move

Monday was commencement at Boston College. I planned on posting my love letter to the graduating Paul Peterson. Instead I have to chime in the Sean Williams disaster.

Sean Williams blew it. There may be more to the story over the next few months. He may get his second chance at BC or another school, but this will follow him. This seems like a minor thing (my friends and I did things like this or worse while at BC) but for someone like him -- a promising athlete with a lot at stake -- this was a bad move. The student athlete is held to a higher standard than the regular Joe BC. Others may view this as a double standard but there is a reason for the statement. Most BC students are not public figures. Most BC students are not given as much slack in the classroom. And the biggest difference, most BC students are not recipients of University funded scholarships. These skills/burdens and gifts come with a quid pro quo -- perform and keep your nose clean and the jock will get a platform on which to be seen and an education and network foundation that will last a lifetime.

In Sean Williams’ life, if he works hard and gets better, his talent will prevail. But that may not happen at BC. Since Jim O’Brien’s departure we have not given too many second chances. And now this looks like Al Skinner may be losing control of the team: McClain last week, Watson during the season and Ryan Sidney and Andrew Bryant two seasons ago. Williams may be the sacrificial lamb. Regardless, Al is going to be under a much closer watch.

What does this mean for the team? If he doesn’t return, it is certainly a step back. The lineup can be shuffled, but big things were expected for Williams' sophomore year.

I’ll still cheer for the kid and hope he gets his act together. TRay and the Evil A and I used to joke that we would love BC to become a UNLV-type environment. But in reality this is embarrassing. I don’t want my school going through this stuff. I see it all the time down here in the SEC, and it really takes away from the whole college sports experience. Regardless, I always cheer for BC. Hopefully I’ll be cheering for Sean Williams too.

Look for the interrupted Peterson tribute later in the week.

On a more personal note, congrats to the Entropy Kid, good friend, fellow BC alum and blogging powerhouse. He just added a Mrs. Entropy Kid and hosted friends and family from around the country in a lovely wedding in California. I hope he is reading this from his Hawaii hotel room.


Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

Skins ain't losin control, its that some of the boys he recruits have a wild side.An example of some the better role models is Troy Bell, a model D-1A player, but people are already forgetting that two years later. Sidney, however, should never have been at BC ,punk biatch.

Jay said...

thanks Atl_eagle. wedding was great. hope you and the misses had a good time in Cali. it was great seeing you two, see you next time i'm in hot-lanta.