Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smith, Stewart and Swindle

USA basketball invited Craig Smith to its World University Games Trials. Even if Craig doesn’t make the team, it is nice to see him recognized. In my opinion having Craig and Jared play this summer for USA basketball will raise their level of play this winter. Plus, the basketball team could use some good news.

My former colleague Stewart Mandel wrote about the conference realignment. Although it seems obvious, he is the first one to point out the imbalance in the two ACC divisions. Florida State will be the division favorite every year, but there is no reason to think other schools won’t raise their level of play. And if Bowden’s career starts to mirror JoePa’s, any school could be playing in Jacksonville.

Finally, blogs are filled with media critics (including me). The raw reactions and the pointing out of the missteps of the mainstream pundits is one of the most interesting aspects of this medium. So when I laughed out loud at this rebuttal of Trev Alberts by Orson Swindle (one of the contributors to Every Day Should Be Saturday), I felt I should link to it despite lack of BC content. The Every Day guys are also participating in the Blog Poll.

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