Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Season prediction Part III: what will happen

Finally we’ve come to the end of my self-indulgent filler piece. While very plausible, the previous two entries will not happen. This is my official game-by-game prediction for the upcoming season.

What will happen

At BYU. Win. BYU’s 3-3-5 is useful in a pass happy conference, but not against a team like BC. The Cougars’ spread keeps Kiwi from notching a sack, but our linebackers clog passing lanes all day. BC pounds the ball on the ground in a tough road win.

Army. Win. Army is game, but still a year or two away from making this interesting.

FSU. Loss. A classic. The Heights are hoping. FSU realizes BC is for real. Yet we blow a close game in the end.

At Clemson. Win. BC faced Toledo a few years ago, so the solid defense is ready for Tigers’ new attack. BC also benefits from facing Clemson early in the season, before Bowden and team turn it on in order to save his job again.

Ball State. Win. Not even interesting this year.

Virginia. Win. In all of my predictions, I penned this as a win. TOB plays his cards close to the vest, but little nuggets here and there make me think there is and always will be a special place in his heart for UVA. And getting ignored when Welsh retired has got to stick in his craw. Throw in Groh’s recent huge raise for putting up a win total very similar to Welsh and O’Brien and I think you’ve got all the motivation you need. The teams are scarily similar: two great defenses and conservative offenses. I think we have the advantage at the offensive line, while they probably have the better QB and backfield. BC wins a low scoring game.

Wake Forest. Win. BC doesn’t mess around this year. Wins easy.

At Virginia Tech. Loss. TOB’s record against Tech stinks, but the games and series is closer than it appears on paper. BC’s losses always seemed to hinge on a few key plays (often in special teams or some 80-yard Vick scramble). I don’t see us winning here, but it will be close.

At North Carolina. Loss. We will lose a game this year we should win (our annual WTF? game). My gut tells me it is this one or Wake. I can’t take another Wake loss, so I am saying we lose in Chapel Hill.

NC State. Win. Am I the only one who thinks bringing in Marc Trestman was a bad move for NC State? Just because a guy has a connection to Bill Walsh doesn’t mean he can install an offense and call a great game (i.e. Paul Hackett). I think BC wins this one, as Amato continues to struggle with life after Rivers.

At Maryland. Loss. As down as I am on Amato, I think very highly of Friedgen. I don’t see them as a losing team two years in a row. If he gets average performance from his QB, they are a bowl team. I think we lose here.

These leaves BC as 7-4 at the end of the regular season. Firmly bowl eligible, but not entirely bowl desirable. We played our polictics card last season to get into Charlotte, so look for Gene D to take one for the team and accept the invite to Boise. I think we’ll face Boise St. in an exciting game on the Blue Turf. BC wins to continue the bowl streak and finish the season at 8-4 and in the Top 25.

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