Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend leftovers

Last week I mentioned the uncomfortable town-gown relationships between BC and its neighbors. Well now the locals are accusing BC of stacking the tailgating meeting with our own supporters. Yeah, they’re nuts. Don’t expect any changes this season.

The Portland Press-Herald wrote a nice article on their local boy. Perhaps I parse too much into these things, but I am amazed by the stuff that people say about Quinton Porter, including that he “sure not afraid to get hit” or that he is “confident” now. The way it comes out implies – to me at least – that he was afraid before. I am nervous, but I’m rooting for him. [THIS MAY GET CORRECTED, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WRITER CALLED PAUL PETERSON -- MR. PERFECT -- SCOTT PETERSON. THEY ARE ABOUT AS DIFFERENT AS CAN BE, BUT HEY, THEY BOTH LIKE FISHING.]

On a good note, L.V. is looking good.

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