Friday, September 23, 2005

End of week links

With both teams coming off deflating losses, media interest petered out. Here are a few items to pass the time.

Quinton Porter is unlikely to play. That is not news. What is interesting is how the betting line has moved despite his injury. The gamblers like Ryan's chances or know something about Porter's injury that we don't.

Here’s a north-south angle from the State. Followed by a size vs. speed angle.

The Herald had a nice feature on Gonzalez. I really think he is the most reliable receiver on the team. Hopefully he will have another clutch performance this Saturday.

This discusses Porter’s injury and our other walking wounded. The most alarming things is not Porter, but our lack of depth at Tight End.

The official school site keeps the pub machine going with this Ricky Brown interview.

After having the guys from CU Sporting News answer some questions here, I fielded a few queries on their blog.

In basketball news, Al Skinner got a well deserved contract extension. And now that we are in the ACC, Dickie V loves BC.

Former BC quarterback Brian St. Pierre signed on with the Ravens.

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