Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Guest Blogger: VanDelaySports

Another week, another guest blogger.

I couldn’t find anyone exclusively focused on Ball State, but the guys at VanDelay Sports do cover the MAC better than anyone.

Luke from Vandelay stepped up to the plate to answer my questions and give some background on what is left of Ball State.

1. Ball State scared BC last year. Their punting was astounding. They consistently pinned us back in our own end. New punter this season. Any chance of them repeating that performance?

BC fans will be pleased to know that Ball State's punter in 2004, Reggie Hodges, now punts for the St. Louis Rams. Lucky for Ball State a redshirt freshman named Chris Miller has steppped up and currently ranks 23rd in the nation and 2nd in the Mid-American Conference with a 42.9 yd. average. Miller has gotten a lot of practice in BSU's first three games with 25 punts already including 10 punts in each of the first two games.

2. Ball State has seemingly suspended everyone on the team this year. Of the guys that will play, who should BC fans look out for?

Ball State QB Joey Lynch is one of the few Cardinal players NOT on the "recommended for suspension" list this week for the Cardinals. Lynch has been solid in the first three games, but all 4 of his TD passes came in the game against Bowling Green.

Two players to watch out for IF they play (both have been recommended for suspension) are RB Charles Wynn (111 yds. rushing vs. Bowling Green) and RB/WR Larry Bostic.

Freshman WR Danta Love is another player to watch out for that many in Muncie, Indiana, feel can be a star in the MAC.

3. We've seen enough upsets to know that anything is possible. So what has to happen for Ball State to win this game?

For Ball State to win this game MANY things must happen. First, the Ball State defense needs to do a MUCH better job in all aspects of the game. The Cardinals have allowed 169 points in just 3 games; and average of 56.3 ppg. QB Joey Lynch needs to have the game of his life and one (if not all) of these young playmakers, Wynn, Bostic or Love needs to have a huge game as well. In all honesty, Boston College should win this game easily as Ball State has proved to be a lower-tier MAC school in 2005.

For more on the MAC, including weekly picks, go to Vandelay Sports.


Luke said...

Looks good! Thanks for letting me help out!

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