Monday, September 26, 2005

New poll, new TOB and other things

My Monday Blogpoll ballot is delayed a day so that we can include the results of tonight’s Tennessee-LSU game. The established polls didn’t wait on their releases. BC moved up to 23 in the coaches and returned to the AP, where the Eagles are ranked 21st. They also debuted at 21 in the first Harris Poll. The Harris Poll is taking a lot of heat for some of the unusual ballots. Perhaps Brian (father of the blogpoll) should pick it apart like he does with his poll.

In other news, I wanted to point out a nice write up in the Heights by Kevin Armstrong. Armstrong picked up on something my wife laughed about when we watched the game back -- TOB showing some personality. It was nice to see him skip and smile. As the head coach, TOB takes a lot of criticism from BC fans. I think most of the reoccurring comments (stubbornness, inflexible, doesn’t fire up the team) are undoubtedly influenced by his stoic manor. (I even was quoted as calling him “bland” in the AJC.) If he showed a little personality I think would win over a lot of his critics and generate more passion in the fans.

The Maine media is focused on Porter’s return. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Ryan start against Ball State.

ABC picked up the Virginia-BC game. I know TOB is circling this one on his calendar.

Here is an article on future Eagle Wes Davis.


Alex L. said...

"...two-time defending Big East champion Eagles..."

Excuse me?

ATL_eagle said...

It is a San Diego paper. Just be happy with the coverage! Ha.