Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Coaching 101s: Is TOB a Welsh Clone?

We are 101 games into the TOB era. I don’t know if many BC fans thought it would last this long. We assumed that BC was a chance for TOB to get some head coaching experience before returning to UVA to take over for his mentor George Welsh. However, things didn’t go as expected. When the Cavaliers’ all-time winningest coach retired, the ‘Hoos looked elsewhere. As Ian recounted, they jumped at the chance to get Al Groh and avoided hiring a George Welsh clone. Is the Welsh Clone assessment fair? Through 101 games it looks pretty reasonable.

Welsh’s first 101 games at Navy 55451
Welsh’s first 101 games at UVA 58412
O’Brien’s first 101 games at BC61400

Al Groh hasn’t coached 101 games at Virginia, but here is his record through his first 101 games as a college head coach:

Groh at UVA and Wake45560

This game is very important for O’Brien. A win and I think we can count on maintaining our Big East level of success in the ACC. Lose and we are scrambling to stay bowl-eligible.

Next week I’ll dive into BC’s place in the college football pecking order and compare TOB’s success to other Boston College coaches.

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Ian said...

Be fair...Groh got canned at Wake before he had a chance to experience the Ricky Proehl Era.