Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Offweek primer

Since it is an offweek, the only news is coming out of the official school site.

Jamie Silva earned Player of the Week honors.

Louis Hinnant sat down for a Q&A. He is the first player I’ve seen embrace the Big East. I attribute it to the differences between Big East Basketball and Big East Football. Football lacked tradition, excitement and identity. Big East Basketball had all of that. But I hope Louis realizes that what he is leaving behind is not the conference he knew. The ACC will be everything that the new muddled Big East cannot be.

I don’t spend a lot of energy following recruiting. Just tell me who is coming when the smoke clears. But for those who do, here is a grid the Zman puts together on BC’s targets.

Do you want to learn a little more about College Football and football in general? Read Charlie Weis’ press conference transcripts. This week’s is not even the best example. Most have some wrinkle about coverages or play calling or the differences between college and pros that I did not know. Weis comes off a lot like Parcells (and seems pretty pleased with himself) but you’ve got to admire his openness and his willingness to discuss details and strategies with the press. Most coaches either rebut anything the press brings up or give such generalities (“we have to execute blah blah blah”) that the press conference/coaches show/interview is worthless. I hope this keeps up and would like to see more coaches follow his lead. Most fans and reporters think they know more than the coaches. By subtly working in details, Weis shows he is more than a step ahead and educates the masses. Keep it up, Chuck!

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