Monday, October 10, 2005

UVA suspends Butler

The University of Virginia suspended Brad Butler one game for his cheap shot on Kiwi. I would've preferred two games, but at least something was done.

The ACC commended UVA on the decision.

There are no winners in this situation, just degrees of losing. The conference looks bad for employing refs who missed the call and for losing control of the game. BC's players lost their cool and Kiwi will probably be sore this week. Butler will carry this with him for the remainder of his college career. In my opinion Al Groh came out as the biggest loser in the situation. First I felt he gave Butler bad advice on dealing with the situation in the postgame. Groh's comments throughout have been disingenuous, showing him to be extremely insensitive, arrogant, and poor at reading people. He claimed not to have seen the play until late Sunday, even though it was shown on the videoboard in the stadium and on numerous TV shows Sunday morning. The play and jawing during the game is a sign that he is either losing control of his team or encouraging this type of behavior. And as Ian said, he has opened the door on his vaunted recruiting pipeline. You can bet that Beamer will exploit this with Virginia high school coaches and players and Charlie Weis and TOB will do the same in New Jersey.

Since the two schools don't play again for a few years, this really should be behind us. The team needs to move on and focus on Wake.

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