Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Couldn't have said it better myself (really)

I wanted to point you towards Ian's latest post on how he feels about UVA vs. the pro teams he roots for. It really captures how I feel.

We moved around a lot growing up, so my roots to certain teams were pretty shallow. I still cheer for the Mets, but I was not heartbroken after the 2000 World Series. After the last year's Syracuse loss my wife was worried I was going to throw myself infront of one of the golf carts at her parents' beach house.

I don't know any of the current players. But they live where I lived. They ate where I ate. They took many of the same classes. My experience was very different from most BC jocks, but there is still a common bond that we share as alumni of Boston College.

I am too emotionally invested in BC sports. It is somewhat comforting to hear others have this same blessing/curse too.

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