Monday, November 07, 2005

It's about time

I am out of the country, but I can hear the cheers from here. Matt Ryan will start this Saturday. It is two games too late. Hopefully he can right the ship. If he comes out blazing, TOB is going to take a lot of heat for not going to him earlier. Regardless, I am excited and relieved. He may not be the savior we think he is, but at this point Porter is a sunk cost. We are not going to the Peach or Gator Bowl. It is pretty much Champs or Boise win or lose, so we might as well get Ryan some more snaps.

Blogpoll ballot later today.


BC Eagle said...

Do you really think the Gator & Peach bowls are out of reach?

What if we win out, and the ACC sends two to the BCS (presumably Miami and VTech)? We are a fair choice for Peach. And Gator would not be out of reach if the #3 ACC team has a better matchup in the Peach (FSU vs UF perhaps), or if for some reason they do not want to play in Jacksonville twice.

BTW what do you make of that theory - that a team will not want to play in JAX twice (e.g. for the ACC Championship game and the Gator Bowl).

Also, a BC vs. Notre Dame (Holy War) or vs. Big East #2 (bitter after we left) creates a compelling Gator Bowl matchup.

ATL_eagle said...

I really wouldn't count on the ACC sending two teams. We are not the best travelers. I don't think a team will play in Jacksonville twice. But with Miami going to the game ahead of the Hokies, it makes sense for VaTech to get the Gator invite.