Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Midweek links

Earlier this week the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA) announced its All ACC team. Kiwi made first team. Blackmon, Trueblood, Beekman and Ross all made Second-Team. Silva got honorable mention as did Blackmon on Special Teams. Kiwi certainly deserved it. As did the lineman. I really think Beekman had the best season and probably deserved first team. I was surprised by Blackmon. I guess sometimes what I see as a fan who watches week in week out, skews my perspective and expectations. I thought Will's season was a letdown. Regardless, I am glad he was rewarded. He did some amazing things this year and made a switch that he didn't have to make.

Non BC grads might not find this interesting, but the Heights had a good story on Father Tony Penna, the athletic department chaplain. On the last page you'll find out that Matt Ryan and Pat Ross are his altar servers. (The writer, Kevin Armstrong, might be the best Heights sports writer in a decade. Hopefully he lands a job with a major paper or news site after college.)

First it was Simpsons characters. Then Ian took the analogy game to a new level with his rapper post. Now Golden Tornado goes back to the cartoon angle, only this time with the Smurfs. I love Brainy but I might have gone with Smurfette since like the lone Smurf chick, BC is just different from the rest of the conference.


Nathan said...

I almost went with Smurfette, but everyone loves Smurfette, and I just don't know that the ACC has warmed to BC yet.

It can work, but BC is certainly the odd man out in a lot ways right now - and I wonder how it's all going to work out. Part of the problem for BC is that there really aren't enough schools in the northeast that play football for you to really be in a conference that does make regional sense.

Ian said...

For "The Simpsons" thing, I definitely would've chosen Sideshow Bob for Virginia; impressed with its own wit and intelligence, dismissive of "buzzcut Alabamians" and constantly failing at the one thing it hopes to accomplish. For NC State, I might've gone with Moe: manic-depressive. And Miami is definitely Mr. Burns.

BC Eagle said...

The Smurf blogger says "The best way to judge a program is how well it plays against the teams one tier below themselves" - do you agree with that?

Bleeds Maroon and Gold said...

Jamie Silva desrves at least second team ALL-ACC. Look at his stats - led the team in tackles week in, week out. A tough football player, really hard hitter and consistently good tackler - wish BC had more players like him on defense. Lazy press buried him behind the spoon-fed pablum on Kiwi and Toal and Henderson. If you watched the team all season I think you might agree. For my money, Silva was the team's MVP this year.

Pearcey&Greels said...

i think armstrong is already set up with the globe---- he shines at times in the heights, but i think needs to step it up a level to be in the globe sports page. although he gets corny and predictable sometimes, you have to give him credit for carrying the heights sports section for so long.

Unknown said...

Greetings from the future, I guess. In the interim, The Smurfs went and became a live-action movie that kills brain cells.

Conferences are in the midst of a musical chairs mashup. It's all very confusing to an old guy who just likes to watch football. Speaking of Bowl rankings: I go to Tampa every year for Christmas (family) and make it a point to have Gator Bowl tickets in my hand. I try to catch another one on the way home (I usually get Sun Bowl tickets). I get my tickets at Amazon Tickets Online, so I can change plans if I need to. Sadly, no Gators or even 'Noles in the standing this year. Sigh.