Sunday, November 27, 2005

Praying for the Peach

The ACC bowl picture is still unclear. Based on all things said during the UVA-Miami game, I think 'Canes are going to the Gator. I also assume the Hokies will handle Florida State (if the Seminoles pull an upset every scenario gets scrapped). That leaves the Peach as the next big question. Speculation is centering on Georgia or South Carolina from the SEC. Both would be sellouts. Every indication is that Florida State would be the choice from the ACC. The Peach would want the pupil vs. teacher angle with Richt and Bowden or Spurrier vs. Bowden rematch for TV appeal. That would probably slide BC back into the Champs Bowl. But assuming FSU loses next week, does a five-loss traditional power still have the same appeal? I hope not. And I hope that Gene and the Red Sox are using the hard sell on why BC should be the choice for Atlanta.

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