Saturday, November 12, 2005

Senior moments

The last home game for this Senior class and they went out with style. Big night from all the Senior leaders, especially Kiwi and Blackmon. Matt Ryan played like a Senior and is now 3-1 as a starter. His success and Florida State's loss added a bittersweet taste to the day. We could've won the division if he had started the North Carolina game. I'll be stewing over that for a long time.

Second viewing thoughts and grade report Sunday.


Jaime Lannister said...

I couldn't agree more. As usual, the posturing jerks on EA who were freaking out about how great Q is and how Ryan isn't ready to start will come around. Kevin McGrath, savior of the Nest from whippersnappers who dared to note that Ryan was visibly much better than QP, has already come up with a pro-Ryan nickname. Maybe he should recall his posturing and sucking up to MPFiveO and that he threw player after player under the bus to excuse TOB's piss-poor coaching.

It hurts not going to Jacksonville because our gingerkid coach makes asinine calls. He should be embarassed.

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