Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shotgun wedding

The North-South divide between BC and the rest of the ACC has provided some harmless humor this season. It seems like every beat writer in the South has referenced clam chowder or grits in his BC game story. Well allow me to exploit another cliché -- the shotgun wedding. Unless we are spared by the good folks at the Peach Bowl or our new friends at the Champs Bowl, it seems like we are headed to Boise -- whether we like it or not. From the Idaho Statesman:

"One thing is for sure, MPC Bowl executive director Gary Beck said. Boston College will not be going to the Music City or Emerald bowls, as many have speculated. ‘If they're available, we're going to pick them,’ Beck said. ‘They can't say no. We have a contract.’

The Globe is holding out hope. But I think the AJC has a better read on the situation.

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Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

We deserve Boise. Rather QP deserves Boise. Make it happen folks. I've yet to have an adventure in the NorthWest, should be fun, for me anyways.