Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad calls and other things

There is a lot of subjectivity in officiating, so good teams, good players, well-known/intimidating coaches get calls. Over the course of a season, you’d hope these things balance out. I don’t think BC lost the Duke game solely because of the non-call or the imbalance in the number of calls. Yet the disparity in seemingly every Duke conference game is disappointing. Fortunately the ACC noticed. But Duke still gets a free pass from the most influential entity in college sports -- ESPN. Gunslingers rips ESPN a new one each weekend with their College Gameday (football version) reviews…check out their take on ESPN's Duke spin on the basketball version of Gameday. Golden Tornado's take is interesting too. He aggregated some analysis on the controversy and highlights the calls going Duke’s way in close games.

In better news Dudley was named Co-Player of the Week.

The Beanpot is a fun event, but never got me fired up. I would much rather see BC win the Frozen Four. It is a bigger deal at BU where they have nothing else going on. To show what an underwhelming event it is, SI on Campus asked reps from the four schools for their takes. Thankfully Kevin Armstrong acquitted himself well, but the other schools’ writers’ mail in efforts -- given the platform (SI) and the supposed importance of the event – shows how much the Beanpot is lacking.

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